My buddy Paul and I didn’t realize at first that by putting yourself out there brings great rewards in the long run. When we were doing some talks in Southern California, we didn’t structure our prior talks because I had this mindset that If I will fail, it is better to fail in front of 20 people than in front of thousands of people. So, when we were there, I wanted to share the story that was in my heart. The story revolves around me being overseas, about my daughters, and a medical condition. And it kind of frame the entire talk, so I did it again on my last few talks and  it was great.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Get great rewards by building a personal connection.
  • Be real with yourself out there.

Get Great Rewards by Building a Personal Connection

When we do business talks, we always have in mind that people just wanted to know the next big technique or strategy in business. But, after I added a personal touch to my talk, I realized that it was what people long for. I knew my talk went well because people resonate with my story. We didn’t make a ton of sales right then and there, but we had a bunch of appointments because they wanted to talk to us more. After the appointments, that’s when we made a lot of sales. And it was a cool experience.

Sometimes, I hesitate because others don’t care about my story, but to those who did relate to it, we had a very good personal connection. We were able to build our trust with each other, which deepens our relationship. We get to talk more, share our experiences and help each other. It was a beautiful experience.

Be Real With Yourself Out There

I am always trying to be true to myself in every talk. You don’t have to share everything about your personal life. Just share whatever is in your heart that helps them realize and understand what you do, and why you are doing it. Because the more I open up to people, the more I get to affect them. The more I share who I am inside, rather than just a business guru or a time productivity management guru, the more I get connected to them. Therefore, when I put myself out there, I get great rewards.

Whether it’s through relationship, you’re doing a presentation or any business-related things, just be real with yourself, in a way that is good in context with what you’re doing. You will be surprised by the emotional response that you will get afterward. People will see how genuine you are if you let them see what is in your heart. 

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