Life has it’s own ups and downs, sometimes we are in places where we are uncomfortable. Those times that everything does not go as planned. Hardships that makes you worry about tomorrow.

Yet how you move forward and see things for a positive change is all that matters. Embrace those challenges, grow, and improve from overcoming them.

Taking a risk won’t be easy, but it’s worth it. It’s exhausting but rewarding.

Overview & Episode Content

  • The Beauty in Dirty and Ugly Places – Can You Find Some?
  • Story of the Humble Butternut Squash Amongst the Overgrown Weeds
  • How Being in Uncomfortable Places and Hardships in Life Can Help You Grow

The Beauty in Dirty and Ugly Places – Can You Find Some?

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God gives us some pretty amazing gifts out here in the country. For most people, you would look at it, oh gosh, this sucks. But for me and anyone doing gardening, weeds can be a beautiful thing.

We have these big overgrown weeds and it is amazing for compost. You can just go and pick whatever you want. Throw it in your compost bin and you’re good to go. So I have three kinds of bin compost areas.

The first bin is for stuff that you just got and it’s like the tallest. So as it starts composting, all the bugs go in there and they start breaking down all the stuff. Once it gets small enough, you then move it to the next bin, which kind of like a middle ground. Then the third bin, it’s kind of in its final phase, where it’s broken down. You’re able to start using it for soil.

So, I noticed that in the second bin, it had in one of the crevices, at the very back had some sprouts. At first, I wondered if these were weeds. And looking at them you could usually tell whether something’s a weed or not. But I have an app that helps you to identify what kind of plant you have. So, I used this app to go and see what exactly it was. It turns out that it was some Butternut Squash, growing in the side in like, in basically waste.

Story of the Humble Butternut Squash Amongst the Overgrown Weeds

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I’d never thought that I could find a Butternut Squash growing in the side of the bin and obviously, I’m not gonna be using that for gardening because it’s all for composts. But it was cool.

This was the Butternut Squash that one of our neighbors gave us. It was our neighbor’s mom who had this grow within her compost. I tried to plant some of those seeds in different places and it doesn’t look like they took anywhere. But the seeds took in the compost pile. So, just like where we got it from the first place, this Butternut Squash seems to love sprouting up in the compost. I mean, it’s rich and everything like that, but you never would expect that it would start growing in the compost pile itself.

So I’m looking at this and it’s the most unlikely place, or most challenging places because it’s just stuff that’s decomposing, right? And I’m looking at this Butternut Squash and see how easily it’s growing in that specific spot.

How Being in Uncomfortable Places and Hardships in Life Can Help You Grow

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Looking at the Butternut Squash in the compost, it got me thinking, this is like the way life is. I’ve grown so much in painful times. In times where I was put in uncomfortable spots.

Well, those times show just what you’re made of, how much resilience you have, how much courage you have. It shows the ability for you to think on your feet, to innovate, to grow. And that is something super powerful that a lot of us try to avoid. We get complacent and we get easy.

We’re facing one of those times where we have to be extremely creative because there’s a lot of pain happening, whether it’s family-wise or not being able to do those stuff that we used to do before. That is something that you could look at as a bad thing, then start despairing, and start fearing. Thinking that everything’s going to come crashing down or you can see it as an opportunity to grow.


So, during these times, I want you to take the time to see where you’re at, to see the benefit of this. To see that this is the opportunity to get a boost because you have the strength and courage to make some big changes in your life. There is nothing more valuable than being planted in difficult rich soil, which is exactly where you’re being planted right now.

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