Have you ever spoken with a client who was excited about your product or services but for the “wrong” reasons? Did it frustrate you? But what if their excitement was wrong only from your perspective?

People come from different backgrounds and two people may be excited about the same product or service but for completely different reasons.

Listen to this episode of Freedom In Five Minutes and learn how to leverage your client’s excitement about your product and take your prospecting and onboarding game to the next level!

Overview & Episode Content

  • Keeping the Fun and Excitement as a Dad is not Always Easy
  • Imagine A World of Excitement with Just a Toy Car and a Couch
  • Excitement is Different for Each Person
  • Find Out What Your Client’s Excitement is About and Join Them

Keeping the Fun and Excitement as a Dad is not Always Easy

Keeping the Fun and Excitement as a Dad is not Always Easy

Once every week, my wife and my older daughters go out for dance classes. And after that, they would drop by the church for their weekly oration.

For those who do not know, an oration in the Catholic circle is a very long prayer session. And after their weekly church visit, they go out for some shopping and other fun stuff.

Now, what do you think happens to me? You might also be wondering, “Who takes care of the other kids when the wife and some of the daughters go out each week?”

Well, you guessed it. It is a weekly daddy daycare for me. Once a week, there is a “daddy time” to enjoy the rest of the kids who are left at home. It may seem fun for some dads but for me, I struggled for some time.

You see, I really had a hard time with being fun, and being a kid again. It is one thing to be a dad. But turning from dad into an actually fun dad is not always the easiest thing to do. For a long time, I had a really tough problem with keeping the excitement and being a fun father for my kids.

Imagine A World of Excitement with Just a Toy Car and a Couch

Imagine A World of Excitement with Just a Toy Car and a Couch

Last night was one of those weekly night outs. So, when my wife and some of my daughters went out, I heard my youngest, Bon, starting to cry.

I immediately went up, took him out of the crib, and brought him down to the living room. Now, Bon likes these little toy cars. So, he takes one and runs the little toy car across the couch over and over again.

I thought, “You know what kid? I’m going to join you!”

So I got up and got my own little toy car and started chasing his toy car all over the couch and the kid was loving it! The excitement was written all over his face. He was laughing and cracking up the whole time even though this was not what I normally do.

And then Gideon, my other son, came over, “Hey I wanna play!”

So, the three of us ended up chasing each other’s toy cars, doing tricks and flips when we reached the arms of the couch. And sometimes I would pretend to crash and fail when doing tricks and flips.

“Hey, it’s all right. You’re fine. Don’t worry, you’re okay.” Gideon said as he picked up the crashed little toy car.

And we just kept going around in circles in the living room. We spent a good amount of that evening just playing with toy cars on the couch. It was amazing how we did not need anything else! All we needed were toy cars and a couch!

Can you imagine if that was all you needed? Just one car and one couch that you went around within circles? It may sound silly but that was pretty amazing.

Excitement is Different for Each Person

Excitement is Different for Each Person

The important thing about all this is that excitement, joy, and longing are in the eyes of the beholder.

Obviously, with kids it is different but even with adults, one of the things that we do is project what would be exciting for us. 

There are so many instances with prospects where I got excited over one thing but their excitement was about a totally different thing.

”Look, dude, you can scale your entire business and automate everything in just five minutes a day! You will have SOPs for everything, isn’t that amazing?” I would say during a discovery call.

But they would only say, “Yeah that’s good. But can they do my bookkeeping?”

And I would get frustrated because they do not get it, “Yes, they can do your bookkeeping. They can do whatever you want.”

My excitement would be about one thing — scaling their business through our VSAs — but they would not feel the same at all. And so, the conversation had to flip — for this example, the conversation had to steer towards bookkeeping.

“How do you do your bookkeeping?”, I would then ask.

And that’s when I heard their excitement as they went over their whole processes to me. Then I said, “Yes, you can document everything and after that, the VSA can do everything for you.”

And their minds got blown away! As easy as that. The prospect was finally excited to have just one thing in their business automated. But for me, it was not exciting at all.

Find Out What Your Client’s Excitement is About and Join Them

Find Out What Your Client’s Excitement is About and Join Them

Excitement is truly dependent on a person’s perspective. Just because something is exciting to you, does not mean that the same is exciting for someone else. People come from different backgrounds and we tend to forget that as adults.

Take Nikola Tesla for example. He was excited about electricity, electromagnetism, and physics so much that he barely ate and slept!

Most people would have been bored with those subjects. That is simply the way it is for the majority of people across the planet. But for Nikola, those subjects were extremely exciting. Those subjects were what he enjoyed.

There are things that only you get excited about; there are things that only your clients get excited about. It is just a matter of finding out what those things are and being humble enough to join them in their excitement.

As soon as you do that, the world changes because you are going into their world. That means a lot for your clients because you are joining them from their perspective. You are starting to see things through their lens!

Even if you cannot fully understand it, there is a big amount of appreciation that comes from being humble enough to enjoy what somebody else enjoys.


Your clients and prospects speak with you because they are excited about your product or they are excited to work with you.

But remember, you may have the wrong expectations about the exact thing that they are excited about in your product or service.

Find out what their excitement is all about and join them from their perspective.

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