There is one particular thing that has been giving massively positive things in business. This thing is about creating an environment where your team loves working for you. And a lot of my clients are actually replicating and implementing this to their respective businesses.

In this episode, I will talk about where I was inspired by this idea and exactly how I implemented this at and

Overview & Episode Content

  • The Inspiration to Create a Positive Work Environment from Warriors
  • Stay in an Environment that Demands Honesty and High-Productivity
  • Why Should You Create a Self-Regulating Organization?
  • Create an Environment Around Positive Company Culture

The Inspiration to Create a Positive Work Environment from Warriors

The Inspiration to Create a Positive Work Environment from Warriors

I was part of an organization — and I still am in some respects — called Wake Up Warrior. It was created by an amazing guy named Garrett J. White. He does a ton of high-production stuff but he is super nice and he is always after the truth. His focus is empowering men to be good husbands — generally to be good people.

So, when I joined Wake Up Warrior, I was in a really bad place. 

Financially, we were doing well. We had just bought our dream house here in Central California. The house is very big, sitting on twenty acres of land. We also had a bunch of different properties in different states. Things seemed to be going all right. However, I kept on going into sedation through video games or alcohol.

I would find myself constantly doing these and then, life started becoming very boring. I started feeling strange. Like, how some of these big rockstars die of an overdose or similar things. I ended up pretty much towards that path.

At that time, I was a dad of six —now, going on eight — with the perfect house, the perfect wife, everything working out financially well. And yet, I am crashing and burning. I did not know what to do.

Those who have been following this podcast know that I am totally religious. I would pray and ask, “Why am I doing this? Why is this happening?” During that time, I was constantly praying for help.

So, one night, I stumbled upon Garrett’s Facebook ad. I felt like he totally resonated with me. It was definitely interesting but  I was not sure if joining his community would help at all.

Stay in an Environment that Demands Honesty and High-Productivity

Stay in an Environment that Demands Honesty and High-Productivity

I decided to sign up for one of his programs and I ended up getting a ton of value. The value was definitely in the content but one of the things that he set up was this community. He was using the Workplace by Facebook at that time and I thought it was very powerful.

His community of people was in a similar situation as I was. The environment was all about being honest and truthful, being a high producer, and wanting to have the best for your family. 

Everything was about being the best at what you do. It could be about having the best spiritual life, or the best at your chosen craft.

This environment was about people who are in the same situation helping each other out. I have met some of my best friends through this particular organization. In fact, I talk to these folks every week and grow together.

So, this environment was self-regulating, self-motivating, self-inspiring where people were empowered to utilize the content but more importantly, to utilize it with “brothers”.

The community was all about using the lessons. And you get kicked in the butt if you did not. 

While the content itself was great, what made it far better was the environment — the community. People who are on the same road as you will try to help you knowing that they would need help as well. It was a constant push and pull within community members.

You might do really well and others need your help. You then might be doing bad at a particular area and others can help you.

Why Should You Create a Self-Regulating Organization?

Why Should You Create a Self-Regulating Organization?

One of my very good friends is a Paralympic weightlifter. He would lift crazy amounts of weight. He was the one who helped me get ready for one of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments by telling me what diet I should be following and how to cut weight — these are things that I have never done before.

The way that everything was created and engineered in Wake Up Warrior was based on a ground-rule that if you want to be in the group, there are certain rules that you have to follow and do on a regular basis. That was when I began to love being a part of the community. It was life-changing.

then people can make less effort and just try a hundred times. But it was more than that. Each member was accountable to each other.

Why is this important? It is important because in your organization, the more that you can create an environment that self-regulates and where people love to work for you and be with you, then the better. Doing that will give you massively positive results!

And I know that because that is exactly what I have done and applied to my company.

Create an Environment Around Positive Company Culture

Create an Environment Around Positive Company Culture

In my company, for example, my guys wanted to hire an additional person for our main staff or core team. I have made it clear that our core team would have to be in an executive assistant position for one of our guys for a certain period of time and be thoroughly tested.

They have to be thoroughly tested. My General Manager or Account Managers have to feel like this person can go to war with them.

This is not just a job — this is a culture and environment that requires people to have a certain personality and do certain things. My guys love the environment I have built for them.

One, they know that they are a part of an elite portion of my business. The people who want to become a part of the elite portion of my business realize that it is hard to get in to. It allows my guys to know that they are protected.

They are not just replaceable staff members at any point in time. Although, I could — I do not want to because I have built such a huge relationship with these guys and they are the engine of the business. They do so well and they are amazing.


When you develop an environment where your team absolutely loves you — and your people love you for setting up rules and “rituals” — you will find that work, tasks, and life become easier. Creativity is more possible.

What structure do you have right now in your organization that makes your team love being there? I challenge you to start setting something up if you do not have something now.

It may be a little bit hard to do but if you stick with it, then it will grow into something amazing.

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