086 FIFM – Be Comfortable with Downtime

Back from vacation and ready to make things happen.  In this episode, you’ll hear how 5-minute strategic and powerful actions can make it so you can enjoy downtime and be totally present.   —— Automated Transcript Below Dean Soto 0:00 Hey, this is Dean Soto, founder of freedom in five minutes.com. And we’re here again […]

085 FIFM – Interview with Oliver Kelso: Systemizing and Liberating Business Owners

Oliver is a master at creating systems for business owners.  In this interview, you’ll hear how he uses “blank slates” to help businesses automate and systemize just about everything under the sun.  His strategies have been proven to massively grow small and medium-sized businesses. —– Automated Transcript Below: Unknown Speaker 0:01 It’s time for the […]