103 FIFM – How Systems Help You Empower Others and Fix Problems Faster

Systems drive you to create through a certain process. Thus, allowing for improved and consistent performance. Let me share with you how having a system helped me paved the way through obstacles faster and empowered others for a more desirable outcome. No matter how small or big your everyday work will be, this podcast is […]

098 FIFM – There’s No Such Thing as Success and Failure, Only Signals

Signals can be positive or negative and in this episode of Freedom in Five Minutes, you’ll learn how to interpret those signals. Whether you are making every effort in getting more leads or are just curious about how these so-called signals can impact your business, this podcast is for you. Overview & Episode Content What […]

100 FIFM – Getting Better Results by Doing Things Differently than Everyone Else

In our family, I’ve been the driver that leads us to an entrepreneur life, into homeschooling journey, and into having many kids. But my wife has been the driver for a change in our eating habits. For a long time, I was very resistant because I love my taco bell. But I was happy we […]

097 FIFM – You Don’t Know Something Until You Look Underneath It All

In this episode of Freedom in Five Minutes, I get to share how going underneath helps my business. Also, I will share my first experience in planting trees which relates to the lesson that I learned when I gave a talk to a Southern California community in Costa Mesa. Overview & Episode Content Why Do […]

099 FIFM – Putting Yourself Out There Brings Great Rewards

My buddy Paul and I didn’t realize at first that by putting yourself out there brings great rewards in the long run. When we were doing some talks in Southern California, we didn’t structure our prior talks because I had this mindset that If I will fail, it is better to fail in front of […]