132 FIFM – Giving So Much Without Expecting Anything in Return

In this episode, Dean chats with friend and business partner, Paul Tran, about giving people the potential to be your raving fans and make them want to help you.

This is a powerful lesson they learned from a person they met who was genuinely generous to them. Dean and Paul did not fully understand why people would be fiercely generous without a catch until a valuable secret was revealed to them.

Listen and discover the effects of giving without wanting anything in return.

Overview & Episode Content

  • No Matter What Happens in Your Life, Always End it with “Good.”
  • One-Way Giving: Expect Nothing in Return
  • The Secret Sauce is to Keep Giving
  • Kindness and Sincerely Giving Cannot be Faked so Easily
  • Giving More Value than What You Receive

No Matter What Happens in Your Life, Always End it with “Good”

No Matter What Happens in Your Life, Always End it with “Good”

This is a very special episode. I was not at my acreage running around with the Luna Meister when I recorded this. Instead, I was with a very good friend, Paul Tran. In this episode, we were at a Toyota dealership as a result of a beautiful flat tire that we got, right before our speaking engagement.

Of course, not even a flat tire was going to stop us from speaking on stage or from recording a new podcast episode, for that matter.

Paul was sharing his thoughts every time he got a flat tire, “Whenever I got a flat tire, I remember how we are both fans of Jocko WIllink and his concept of ‘good’. Like, no matter what happens in your life, always end it with ‘good’,”

It is an aggressively optimistic way of looking at life. If you are late for work, for example, then good! You get to spend more time with your family. Even if it was only for a few extra minutes!

And like what happened to me and Paul — we got a flat tire, then good! We got to appreciate people helping us out. Whatever happens, just end your sentence with ‘good’. Instead of focusing too much on the bad things that happen, this reframes your positive attitude towards life.

One-Way Giving: Expect Nothing in Return

One-Way Giving: Expect Nothing in Return

The speaking engagement that we were headed to was WeWork at The Boardwalk, Irvine, California. The cool thing about this speaking engagement was how a guy got us into the WeWork space. I am talking about Daniel Apple who works for a company called TriNet.

By the way, the guys from TriNet are awesome. If you have a company that does anything related to Human Resources, TriNet can do all the HR work for you. TriNet also did payroll and HR strategy for Netflix. 

They are the best at helping you maneuver around all the HR pitfalls for a starting company. Remember, you are not in the business to focus on payroll and HR — unless you are specifically in the HR space. You are in the business of serving people and giving your unique specialty.

So, go to LinkedIn and check out Daniel Apple and William Chiem. They are both awesome. And the reason why we are bringing them up is that they are both responsible for getting us in this WeWork speaking engagement for six months now.

All that time, we would get to talk about our Virtual Systems Architect at WeWork — plugging Daniel and William in each of our talks. The interesting thing was, we were always waiting for the catch but Daniel and William never asked for anything in return. Even though they were the ones who kept giving and got us into this amazing spot at WeWork, they never asked for anything in return!

The Secret is to Keep Giving

The Secret is to Keep Giving

During our speaking engagements, I always bugged Paul, “We should have Daniel or William talk at the beginning and look into how we can give back to those two.”

It even came to a point where I started giving them referrals to them even though they never once asked for referrals. As a matter of fact, they have still kept on giving. However, Daniel finally shared their secret with me after referring someone to him who might actually sign up with TriNet.

The secret was pretty simple after all! Daniel and William were practicing an attitude of generosity. The idea was to be constantly giving to people you come in contact with. You must add so much value that the people who receive your kindness and generosity are compelled to be your biggest cheerleaders or ambassadors. Constantly give and give people the chance to become your raving fans who want to help you succeed!

It was super effective! All this time, Paul and I were always figuring out how to give back and take good care of them because they never asked for anything in return! They did not have to ask, as a matter of fact.

Their continued generosity to us has been so enormous and abundantly overflowing that we just want to help them out all the time. We were not even working for TriNet, yet we just want to help them out and give them as much business as possible because of that philosophy.

Kindness and Sincerely Giving Cannot be Faked so Easily

Kindness and Sincerely Giving Cannot be Faked so Easily

They shared their secret concept out of the blue. It just happened to come up during our recent conversation. To be honest, their concept of constantly giving is something that took me by surprise. Probably because I grew up pretty poor that I tend to hold on to things. Also, I tend to be more focused on myself than other people, although Paul has taught me to be more giving.

Even when William and Daniel were being generous to me, I would always think about what they are getting out of it. I even asked William a couple of times like, “What are you getting out of this? We want to help too.”

And William would tell us, “Oh, it’s a long game. Don’t worry about it.”

I thought they were crazy! But now, I am starting to see exactly the reaping of what those two have already sown. And it started only with them being generous and kind people with positive attitudes.

If you are in it for some ulterior motive, people can smell it out and it will debilitate any efforts that you make. Caring, kindness, and generosity is something that is not easily faked. It takes true sincerity to be giving and helping with no expectations in return.

True, we are in business, obviously, to make money, feed our families, and grow the business. However, it does not need to come at the cost of giving before receiving. It is always better to give than to receive. 

Besides, you have to give that value anyway no matter what. That’s simply how business is. That special thing that you sell through your business, should generally be more valuable than the money your customers are paying. They need to get a return on their investment.

Giving More Value than What You Receive

Giving More Value than What You Receive

As business people, we need to manage and measure our numbers. But the trick here is with a culture like generosity. These things are really hard to measure. 

Now, I find it funny that those are usually the most important—things that are difficult to measure. So, I say it is okay to focus on things that are a little bit harder to measure because those are the ones that usually every other business person is not measuring. As a result, that is your competitive edge!

Also, the cool thing about giving during this era is that you can totally systematize it! There are many ways like Active Campaign, Thankster, and Zen Direct to name a few. There are tools today that allow you to automate the giving to your customers based on how much they buy or who holds a specific number of data points.

My challenge to you right now if you have a business — or just in general even with your family. How much are you giving before receiving anything? Are you giving love notes to your wife or children every day? Have you been giving free things to your clients or reaching out to them and just saying how much you appreciate them?


I taught Paul about the Emotional-Spiritual-Business-Financial Bank Account. The more that you deposit, the easier it is to withdraw. 

If you put more money into your bank account and it earns interest, then you can always withdraw without any issues. There would be no scarcity mindset.

It is the same thing with relationships and other things aside from money. If you are adding so much value, then you are depositing and giving so much help. You are sending them thank-yous, referrals, figuring out a way to help your clients win without any expected return. 

Now, guess what is next? Those are interest-earning deposits and the distribution back to you is just automatic. You do not feel like you are losing out. Think of it as just living off the interest.

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131 FIFM – Trophies Come in Many Forms When You Work Hard for Them

Do you have battle scars? It does not necessarily have to be physical ones. Do you ever think about removing them or do you see them as trophies you earn if you work hard?

When some people see a scar as an imperfection on your skin, there could be an amazing story behind that. Trophies come in a variety of forms. And they can be anything from medals and status to scars on your body.

So, what scars do you have? And what amazing stories are behind them?

Overview & Episode Content

  • Work Hard to Wake Up Your Inner Warrior
  • How to Work Hard and be Accountable toward Your Goals
  • You Work Hard to Earn Your Trophies
  • Scars are Trophies You had to Work Hard for.
  • Determination to Work Hard Yields Great Results

Work Hard to Wake Up Your Inner Warrior

Work Hard to Wake Up Your Inner Warrior

I started practicing Jiu-Jitsu in 2019. And I have talked about this in other episodes. At that time, I needed a 90-day target and that was the whole idea behind starting Jiu-Jitsu. 

As part of the Wake Up Warrior community, I was taking part in the Kings’ 90-Day Challenge. It is the way that they do things in the Wake Up Warrior. So, every 90 days you create a target for your body, spirituality, business, or for your family. And the target for the challenge has to be something that you are going to do with the family. I chose something that has to work hard for and I still do today.

Now, if you sign up for an Ironman or for a Jiu-Jitsu tournament — something where you’ve paid money — you are more motivated to actually do it. Your goals become much harder to set aside.

More so when it is something that you truly want to do. At the time, that was my body goal. It was interesting because I had always wanted to do Jiu-Jitsu. However, there were two things stopping me. 

One, I wasn’t sure about rolling with the opposite sex. I always felt uncomfortable. It was just something that was kind of odd to me. But I definitely got over that. The cool thing about my Warrior Brothers is that they were really supportive especially with Jiu-Jitsu. It is such a great equalizer of martial arts. You are helping them if they were ever in a really bad situation because at least they have some sort of self-defense.

And two, I just did not believe that I would be that good. I thought I would not even be able to compete.

How to be Accountable Toward Your Goals

How to be Accountable Toward Your Goals

I was not in the greatest shape at that time. I was about 215 pounds going on 220. And it did not seem like it was going to be in the cards. However, the really interesting thing was that I did it anyway. I did my first tournament about two months later.

So, I called the gym. I was looking at different gyms but they were only open in the evenings. Being an entrepreneur, I wanted to go to the gym anytime. I did not want to go just in the evenings. I wanted to be able to go whenever I wanted. 

I searched on Google and I found one. Now, the gym says that they do open at 8 o’clock in the morning but I’m guessing Google got it wrong because, in fact, they only opened at 8 o’clock in the morning on Saturdays. Anyway, it’s Fresno Ultimate Martial Arts and they called me back. 

I said, “I really want to do a Jiu-Jitsu tournament. It was part of my business goals. I need to accomplish it in about two months.” 

And then, he’s like, “Oh, Whoa. Yeah. I think we could get you ready by then. That’ll be really tough but you’re gonna have to really work hard at it. But no problem. We’ll try and make it happen.”

So, I went over there, signed up, and then realized that it was Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening. And I’m like, “WHAT?!”

But on Saturdays, you can roll at around 7:30 in the morning. It ended up being a really cool thing because the community and the instructor were just so welcoming and awesome. Everyone was so positive.

You Work Hard to Earn Your Trophies

You Work Hard to Earn Your Trophies

In fact, I had my first Jiu-Jitsu tournament in April 2019 and ended up getting third place in No-Gi. And that was my first trophy.

I was blown away! For a while, nobody was doing much in the way of tournaments. Later, the next tournament had six competitors. Everyone got medals, which was awesome.

Seeing how it went from zero to five people competing is amazing. Now, I will be doing another tournament in April with more participants for the tournament over here in Central California. I might even do one down in Southern California a few weeks after.

That was trophy number one. Trophy number two was not exactly what I expected. Trophy number two is my right ear becoming a cauliflower ear. 

So, I went for a full year doing Jiu-Jitsu and nothing like that happened at all. I don’t even know when or how it happened. My ear just started to swell up and it has been this way for about two weeks now.

Then, I got people asking, “Hey, are you gonna drain it?”

It was very annoying. However, I actually like it. It is definitely not aesthetically pleasing, true. But it is a trophy that took me a year to get. Think about it. This is something that would not have been here, had I not done Jiu-Jitsu. 

Now, you might disagree and wonder why I would want this as a trophy. Honestly, I don’t quite know why. I do know that it does not happen quite often. As I said, it took a year to get this and I had to work hard through tournaments and a lot of learning. If it stays, it stays. If it goes, it goes.

Scars are Trophies You had to Work Hard for

Scars are Trophies You had to Work Hard for

I have scars all over my body from different events throughout my life. Each scar has a story — both physical and emotional scars. There are things that I do without even knowing also have a whole reason and story behind them.

Now, I do not want to let go of these scars because they give me power. What I mean by that is, my scars give me powerful stories that I want to share.

I want my kids to look at my ear and wonder, “Hey, Dad! How did you get that ear?”

I had to work hard to get this thing and I want to tell them the whole story behind it. The trophies that you have earned whether it’s a scar, a literal trophy, or a simple “congratulations” is a trophy of hard work that only you truly know the value of. And you can communicate that to the others. You never know who may be inspired by your story.

So, what scars do you have? What trophies do you have? And more importantly, what are the stories around your trophies? I challenge you this week to at least document or share a story just like this with somebody.

Determination to Work Hard Yields Great Results

Determination to Work Hard Yields Great Results

Before, I was never good at telling stories. In fact, I am still getting better at stories. It was only about two years ago that I learned a really good structure for telling stories. This has really helped me to be able to do podcasts like this. I learned to share in a way that is cohesive. 

And the structure that enabled me to share effectively goes: “What, Why, Lesson, & Apply.” I learned this from Garrett J White from Wake Up Warrior. What, Why, Lesson, & Apply.

To explain that further, what do you want to talk about? Just like today, it was on trophies and the story behind my cauliflower ear and how these are trophies.

Why are these things important? What is the lesson that this story is trying to explain? And then, how do you apply it in your life? Hence, the challenge to actually document or share that trophy this week. What, Why, Lesson, & Apply. It is very powerful.

Okay. So what trophy are you going to share? What scars are you gonna share that only you know and only you have learned? 

For me, the scars that I have are what brought ProSulum.com to where it is right now. It is why I can work in five minutes and have a process be created and boom it’s done. That is why I’m able to have wonderful staff members that work hard and have an amazing culture.


Trophies come in so many forms. What’s the whole purpose of this? Why is this so important? 

Well, it is important because you have so many scars in your life, business, and family. You have things that you had to work hard for. You have trophies that have huge stories around them. It is the conventional type of people who say “Don’t forget about your experiences.” Yet they are the same people who tell you to get rid of a battle scar because it looks ugly.

A scar is viewed as a blemish on your body and soul but there are things in that scar that are priceless. There are things in that trophy that nobody, except you and God, knows.

Nobody, except you and God, knows. There’s a thing in the Bible where it says that God will give you a stone where something is written that only you and God know. Out of all the billions of people and quadrillions of angels and whatever else is out there, only you and God know. 

And guess what? That’s the same thing as the trophies that you have won.

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130 FIFM – The Key is to Sow as Many Seeds as Possible

What seeds can use today in your business and in your platform that allows other people to find a ton of value in what you’re doing?

This episode is all about the importance of developing a backbone for an automated connection to your prospects. Listen and learn the tools and techniques we use to grow and scale Pro Sulum without burning out. That, and more…

Overview & Episode Content

  • Sowing Seeds the Wrong Way with Gary Vaynerchuck
  • The More You Stop, The Fewer Seeds you Sow
  • Planting Seeds on LinkedIn to Scale Your Business
  • The Importance of Developing a Backbone for Automation

Sowing Seeds the Wrong Way with Gary Vaynerchuck

Sowing Seeds the Wrong Way with Gary Vaynerchuck

I ran across a popular guy when I started entrepreneurship. Everyone knows him in the business world. I am talking about Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk. I read his book Crush It. Then, I immediately started crushing it—or so I thought. 

The reality was, I was putting out content and reaching out to different people. But I was killing myself in the process.

One thing I noticed was how difficult it was to start a business. I would be up late at two in the morning because Gary writes in his book that staying up late at night is necessary to build our business.

For a few years, I did not like Gary Vaynerchuck at all. During that time, I was burning myself out because I did not know what I was doing. Back then, I did not have any sales experience.

As a matter of fact, You will see videos that I recorded at 1:00 AM if you search some of my older Pro Sulum videos. Those YouTube videos are still out there where I was trying to put out massive amounts of content. 

However, I had no place to put the gas, so to speak. Imagine, you went to the gas station to fill up your car but you did not know where the gas tank was. So, you just started spraying the car with gas hoping the gasoline would get inside the car somehow.

Of course, you look retarded which is exactly the way I looked. I did not have a sales system to sell people. So, I had massive amounts of content but nowhere for them to go. At the end of the day, I did not have an audience who bought things that would sustain me to continue to do more content.

The More You Stop, The Fewer Seeds you Sow

The More You Stop, The Fewer Seeds you Sow

For a long time, I avoided doing content in general because I have burned myself out so many times. The cycle was, I would do content, see some results, and then I would stop. After that, I would repeat the process all over again. I kept on stopping because I did not want to burn myself out with content creation.

After a while, I noticed that people started to appreciate the content I was putting out on a regular basis. People started to interact and found my ideas valuable. The thing is, we are our own worst critic.

I was thinking, “Whatever, my videos are not that big of a deal. I’m not that great at things I’m trying to explain.”

However, I still would consistently stop despite the fact that people were refining value of some sort from the content I put out. I was a good consistent stopper because I did not have a system for all of that content.

Today, I have a system that I personally developed and refined by my 5-core staff members into something awesome. So, my team does the blog post into transcripts whenever these podcasts go out. They do the show notes, scheduling, etc… This system allows me to focus on the content while they create and run the backbone around it. 

Scale Your Business by Planting Seeds Through Your Message

Scale Your Business by Planting Seeds Through Your Message

Now, this system has allowed me to sow seeds both through video and audio. This proved to me that the more you sow, the more you are going to reap. 

According to one of my mentors, Jermaine Griggs, “Done is better than perfect.”

Now, obviously you do not want something crappy. But the more you post something for the world to see, the higher the chances are that somebody will find value in it.

Recently, I have been hammering LinkedIn with content. I am doing that because LinkedIn is where my target market is. Lead generation is a big part of the business. Really, there is no way I can continue doing business unless I have customers coming through multiple channels. 

Since you have come this far on this blog post, I will let you in on my secret sauce. First, I automate the actual connections on LinkedIn as much as I can. This is my way of sowing seeds. If you listened to my previous episodes, you know that there are three ways of automation.

First, Manual Automation — something that has to be done by someone. Next, Automatic Automation — the technological automation where something can be done completely by a computer program. Last, the Hybrid Automation where part of it is done by a computer program and the other part of it’s done by a person.

Now, LinkedIn automation utilizes Hybrid Automation. I reach out, endorse people, and add value to their lives. Then, I use a manual calendar app where I schedule posting content based around a specific topic every day. 

Today, this system allows me to connect with the right people and scale through the messages that I put out regularly. Over time, I am able to sell the concepts that I have.

The Importance of Developing a Backbone for Automation

The Importance of Developing a Backbone for Automation

You are planting seeds when you are putting content out there. When you utilize the different tools at your disposal to “till the soil” so to speak”, you are selling in a very subtle manner by simply talking about your business. By then, the soil has already been tilled! Ahead of time, you have already given so much value! 

Later on, when somebody’s ready to buy, they buy without remorse because you did not have to sell them hard on the spot. They buy from you because they have already seen your content, they find value in your work, product, or ideas, and most importantly they already trust you.

Make your customers think, “Wow if you’re giving away all this value why, whatever I’m buying from you has to be even better, right?”

The whole point of this is to show you the importance of developing a backbone for an automated system where you can send people to fuel your business, so to speak. This way, you can focus on creating more content. The more ideas that you put out there on a regular basis, the higher chance you get to have people on board your mindset.

This will indoctrinate the audience into new ideas that will benefit them and their business over time. For you, it means more clients and more customers.


Continually sow seeds that allow your company to grow and bless other people. Today, I challenge you to do just that. What seeds can use today in your business and in your platform that allows other people to find a ton of value in what you’re doing?

Also, I will share a tool that I use. Now, this tool is not mine and I do not get any affiliate income by doing this. This calendar, by Lindsey Padilla, is called On Course Social. Her calendar is really good for the next three years.

It helps give you ideas on what to post every day for your social media accounts and I discovered that it has been awesome. So, definitely check that out. It is an awesome resource that gives you one tip a day. So, you have to fill in everything else and that is a great start.

Resources and Links

Again, check out Lindsay Padilla’s On Course Social 

If you like this episode, visit FreedomInFiveMinutes.com for more and if you’re looking to hire your next Virtual Systems Architect, check out ProSulum.com for more details.

This has been Dean Soto of Freedom In Five Minutes and I will see you in the next Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast episode.

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129 FIFM – Your Power Comes from Your Plateau

In this episode, Dean talks about his passion for Brazillian jiu-jitsu and how to hone your power from the time spent being stuck on your plateau.

But what does it mean to be stuck on your plateau? How can lessons taken from jiu-jitsu relate to business? Listen to this episode to find out.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Lessons of Great Power from Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu
  • How to Hone Your Power and Prepare for the Next Level
  • The Power of Breaking Through Your Plateau
  • There is Power to Discover When You’re Stuck
  • The Plateau Gives You the Power to Find More Possibilities

Lessons of Great Power from Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu

Lessons of Great Power from Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu

I have been practicing Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu for more than a year now. Now, the sheer number of power lessons I can apply to my life and business just blows my mind away. It is absolutely amazing.

I set a goal in February of 2019 to compete in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament. And then, it actually happened within 90 days of setting that goal. I competed in my first Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament and ended up getting bronze on No-Gi. It was such a cool, pivotal moment in my life.

I never thought I would continue practicing. Because it was something that has continued to challenge me. Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu is like a chess match every time. So, you learn more every single match.

One of the things about Jiu-Jitsu is that there are plateaus. This has happened two or three times for a couple of months now, where I felt stuck at some aspect of the training.

I went to the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, doing normal training classes. This is the time where everyone is being taught something.

We roll on Saturday mornings. It is just a time for sparring the entire day or the entire time that we are at the class. We put into practice everything that was learned during that day.

Now the thing is, over and over again, I get submitted by the same guys who had been doing this much longer than I have. They would continually submit me and this has been my plateau.

How to Hone Your Power and Prepare for the Next Level

How to Hone Your Power and Prepare for the Next Level

My plateau in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu is getting submitted by the same guys. They would either get me in an arm lock or a choke. I thought I was not getting better. 

One guy in particular was our resident blue belt in jiu-jitsu. And if you don’t know it, there are only a few belts in Jiu-Jitsu: white, blue, purple, brown, and black. Okay, they do have a red belt but you have to be in for 40 years or so, to get it. It is very hard and takes a long time to get from belt to belt.

Just going from white belt to blue belt takes time and experience. You definitely have to learn a ton. Blue belts are much better than the typical white belt.

Now, the resident blue belt would submit me in 15 to 30 seconds. If I was lucky, maybe a minute. It was just getting so frustrating for me that I would take little breaks from it. But I always went back.

These are called plateaus in Jiu-Jitsu. Plateaus naturally happen because they provide a constraint. And it allows you to build up different types of muscle memory for the moves that you are learning.

The same guy who was submitting me in 30 seconds two weeks ago could not submit me at all in 5 minutes. I was finally able to submit certain people I have gone against and lost before. 

My body would start doing moves I knew in my head. These are moves I had tried and failed before. Now, I am able to actually pull them off! It was like flipping a power switch. How the heck did that happen? I don’t know.

The Power of Breaking Through Your Plateau

The Power of Breaking Through Your Plateau

Plateaus happened to me thrice in this whole ordeal. But this is a powerful learning experience. There is power in being resilient in Jiu-Jitsu.

I am now at a point where I can go against some of the younger folk in the gym. I cannot believe I say that. 

“I’m 39 and going against some of the younger folk.”

I would be panting and thinking in the back of my mind how these young guys are going to outmaneuver me. 

I was being negative on all these different things. But I was just calmly rolling them over and calmly putting them into a submission hold as they were doing whatever techniques they wanted to perform. 

I was totally surprised at myself like, “What the heck happened?”

This breakthrough of plateaus has happened over and over again. I look back on life and on business, spirituality, my body, my health, these plateaus come very often, and a lot of the times we see these as bad things. We see this plateau as a bad thing.

We usually think, “Gosh I feel stuck.”

I really was stuck at some points in my life. But I was learning certain things. These are things that I got to learn only through those plateaus. And I was not even aware that I was already in the process of learning new things!

There is Power to Discover When You’re Stuck

There is Power to Discover When You’re Stuck

Most Pro Sulum customers — who have a Virtual Systems Architect — become customers because they cannot get out of a particular constraint.

That constraint could be time, or that they are working too much on their business. Or maybe the constraint is that they are tired of their business declining when they stop working. These constraints are their plateaus. They have spent time on their plateaus for a while.

I have one recent customer who just came on. He was researching different ways to systemize his business, but never really pulled the trigger not because he is not action-oriented. There was something during the plateau process. The wheat was being separated from the chaff.

The good idea and the good system is being separated from the bad. There is a problem, obviously. But there is also a possibility of fixing that problem.

For me in Jiu-Jitsu, the problem is getting submitted by these bigger guys who have been around for much longer than I have. Of course, there is the possibility of improving my technique and power against them. But often, the right path towards the goal is what’s lacking.

I learned a powerful lesson from Garrett J White at Wake Up Warrior. You have a problem but you have the possibility to fix it. You just need to find the path. But not all paths are going to take you to the possibility of fixing the problem.

You must not fear and think you are going to always be stuck on your plateau. That process is there to help you to make good decisions.

The Plateau Gives You the Power to Find More Possibilities

The Plateau Gives You the Power to Find More Possibilities

An online course called Keenan Online by Keenan Cornelius was one of the paths I took to be better at Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. The course went through pretty much every technique in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. And it helped me out a lot.

I took another path through an app called BJJ Over 40 — Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Over 40. You may be wondering why I would want to learn how old guys do Jiu-Jitsu? Their lessons work for everybody. It is universal.

Those two things overtime allowed me to take that path to the possibility of defeating those people in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who had been plaguing me for so long. 

The same thing goes with business. I did not want to hire a massive amount of employees, I did not want to make seven figures plus in revenue over time, I did not want to have to deal with W2’s, payroll, worker’s compensation, insurance, etc… I had to find courses and mentors that taught me how to do that.

The plateau gives you the power to find the path to the possibility. And that lets you solve your problem. What are you plateaued in right now in this week?


I want you to enjoy the plateau and start researching ways to get on the path to getting to the next level of that plateau, but don’t get anxious about getting stuck. Don’t get frustrated by it. 

Enjoy being on the plateau because this is going to lead you to the next level. You will reach the next level whether it is now, a week from now, or a month from now.

Right now, your subconscious is simply finding the absolute best way to do that. Just trust that God, your subconscious, your talent is helping you to find a way to break through to get to that next level.

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128 FIFM – Getting Used to Your Environment as Quickly as Possible

The only constant in this universe is “change”. At one point or another, you or your business will be forced to quickly change to some degree, in one way or another. How do you get used to a new environment and adapt as quickly as possible?

Adapting quickly is a skill. Like any other skill, you can be better at it with practice. You have to restrict yourself or your business in uncomfortable situations and practice adapting as quickly as you can. 

Overview & Episode Content

  • Can Anyone Build a Simple Gabled Roof as Fast as Professionals?
  • Adopt Unwanted Feral Cats and Put Them to Work
  • Make Feral Cats Stay by Letting Them Get Used to Their Space
  • How to Adapt as Quickly as Possible

Can Anyone Build a Simple Gabled Roof as Quickly as Professionals?

Can Anyone Build a Simple Gabled Roof as Quickly as Professionals?

I used to talk about this several times in the past episodes of Freedom In Five Minutes as well as on other podcasts that I’ve had the pleasure to be on.

I have been building a cat house here on our beautiful acreage, for weeks! And now, the cat house is finally done complete with gabled roofing! The funny thing was, it was the first time I ever did a gabled roof. If you don’t know what a gabled roof is, it is basically an angled roof with composite shingles. This is typically what you see in suburban houses.

I built the cat house complete with gabled roofing so that the water or the snow quickly runs off it because of it’s angled surface. Well, because it was the first time I’ve ever done that, it did not take me quickly to finish the project.

There was this one YouTuber who was like, “Yeah, it took me about a good eight hours.” 

Of course, he had been building all his life! So, he went super quickly. Whereas, I literally took two weeks to do it. But it’s done. It’s awesome and fantastic. 

Now, what more did we need for this cat house? Well, we needed some cats. We needed to get some feral cats in there.

Adopt Unwanted Feral Cats and Put Them to Work

Adopt Unwanted Feral Cats and Put Them to Work

I built the cat house outside because we wanted to adopt feral cats. You know, the unwanted ones that never fit in with any family. So, where did we get these feral cats? 

We checked the SPCA and a bunch of other places, looking for unwanted feral or barn cats. Essentially, these were not the type of cats that were going to be in our house as pets.

But as far as I could tell, these places made it difficult for us. They required us to sign contracts saying we had to have them indoors. We were required to have them this way and that. It sucked because in most of these places, these cats were just going to end up getting euthanized quickly. 

Why not let the totally feral ones that are not going to go well with a family—be workers right here and have a good life? They have some good Meow Mix, plenty of water, and some gophers to snack on. They’d be very happy kitties.

Cats reduce the mouse or rodent population that lure snakes in our property. Cats can even eat small snakes! So, instead of having these unwanted cats euthanized, we want to adopt them and put them to work here on our acreage where they can live happy and healthy lives in freedom while we enjoy terrific side-benefits for keeping them around.

Finally, we looked at Craigslist and quickly found a lady who had five feral cats available. So, we contacted them and these cats are awesome! We have four cats in our cat house and every one of them is super nice cats.

Make Feral Cats Stay Quickly by Letting Them Adapt to Their Space

Make Feral Cats Stay Quickly by Letting Them Adapt to their Space

Now, you might be wondering how is it that my cats stayed on our property? How did I keep them from returning to their previous owner?

One of the things we had to do was lock them up in the cat house for a week and a day. Why did we have to do that? Why did we have to lock them into the cat house? 

Cats are very territorial. And to force them to get used to a place, you have to put them in that situation where they literally could not leave the space. They were locked up in the cat house and you can see their little beady eyes staring out of the little windows.

There were no exits other than a side door that I built so that we can change the kitty litter and feed them. So we had them stuck in there and I just felt bad for them. Finally, the time came to let them out.

So, I went over to the cat house and drilled holes enough for the cats to crawl through but not large enough for coyotes, foxes and other predators. The holes are exactly small enough for these cats.

After I drilled holes for them to go freely in and out of their cat house. They quickly bolted out one by one and went away.

I even went out later that night and I could not seem to find any of them at all. 

Or so it seemed.

I shined my lights and guess what I saw? When I thought that maybe they started running back to their previous owner, I saw four pairs of beady eyes staring at me from different locations. It was so cool. That meant they quickly got used to our property.

How to Adapt as Quickly as Possible

How to Adapt as Quickly as Possible

And if you want to get used to something — be it an idea or a habit. We have to force ourselves to be in a very different spot. Place yourself in an uncomfortable spot.

When it comes to systems, you have to force yourself to create those systems and let somebody else do them. Even if it is uncomfortable and you think you can do things better yourself.

You have to allow it and develop the ability to adapt quickly and be okay with the new situation or environment around us. Start with simple things like creating a system a day, and delegating processes to somebody one by one. And let people do it and help you no matter what.

The result you will see is a massive habit change. The more that you are able to put yourself in situations like that and adapt, the more you are going to grow. You are going to see that by doing this exercise, you change the entire environment surrounding you as you get used to it.

However, things are never perfect, and sometimes. Having Virtual Systems Architects on your team requires a lot of changes and a few customers simply refused to adapt. So, I had to cut them off as customers even if they were using two or three of our VSAs.

Now, those people who refused to adapt in a new situation as quickly as they can were the only ones who had a hard time getting positive results.


So, my challenge to you this week is if you want to change a habit, get into a different environment. Put yourself in a completely different environment where there is accountability and adapt as quickly as you can.

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127 FIFM – Stop Hypnotizing Yourself Into Being Fearful

Becoming constantly fearful has the potential to paralyze you. And this scaremongering is ever-present most especially in the media.

In this episode, I am going to share a story of how a very close friend of mine is now almost paralyzed by fear because of exposing himself to the daily news on TV. Learn the negative effects of fear if we let it rule over our lives and how to change mindsets in order to break free from being constantly fearful.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Do Not Allow Yourself to Become Fearful All Your Life
  • Being Fearful Affects Your Relationship with Family and Friends
  • Fearfulness Leads to Paralysis
  • Be Wary of People Who Profit from Your Fearfulness
  • Do Not Let Fear Kill Your Creativity

Do Not Allow Yourself to Become Fearful All Your Life

Do Not Allow Yourself to Become Fearful All Your Life

I have a friend who is near and dear to me. He has a lot of hidden talents in general. For a long time, he has been able to use those talents in various ways to make money for himself and his family.

Now, what is very unique about him is that whenever I see him, he would be engrossed with the news of some sort. He watches the news several hours a day.

And that’s absolutely fine, but the news is usually something about how evil and horrible the president is. And if it’s not about President Trump, it’s about whatever is wrong with the world. It might be Coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease, etc… It might be one of those things. And he watches this stuff for several hours a day.

Whenever I see him — I visit him and we talk — the conversation inevitably turns to one of those doomsday topics. Whether it’s political, economic, health — whatever it might be. it is always about the end of the world.

Of course, we would talk about family and business but for the last two decades, these topics about the impending doom echoes and repeats over and over again. The fearfulness would creep in our conversations.

Personally, I don’t care much about the bad news. Right now, I care more about my chickens and cat houses. So, that’s what I tell him, “I don’t care.”

And every time I say that he tells me, “Well, just pay attention. You just have to be informed. You have to know what’s going on in the world around you.”

And he is right! But you have to be careful. You must not let the negativity and fear consume your life.

Being Fearful Affects Your Relationships with Family and Friends

Being Fearful Affects Your Relationships with Family and Friends

The media’s fear-mongering did not only affect just him. It also crept into his relationships with family and friends.

How did that happen? Every day, he sits in front of the news growing fearful instead of building, growing, and being productive. Trust me, I used to fall for this a lot. I used to watch so much television before — an hour of programming every day!

Now, you might be thinking “Dean, come on. Coronavirus. That’s not nonsense.” 

Exactly, the Coronavirus is not nonsense. That is a real thing. But the fact is, we are getting fed with a daily dose of fear by the media. And his exposure to the media’s scare-mongering has severely affected a lot of his interaction with family and friends.

Now, I would not say that the reports are totally fake. But a lot of the time, they really are. The news has to have something. There have been several times where I have traveled to places where it was supposed to be dangerous according to the news. But I got to travel to some of those places through some amazingly smoking deals. And, it was not at all as terrible as the media said.

Fearfulness Leads to Paralysis

Fearfulness Leads to Paralysis

I noticed every time I visit him that he is almost paralyzed because of his fearfulness. It affected his choices in travel, food, and speech. It even affected his relationships!

When I was younger, I used to be the same way too. I used to think we were going to get nuked by Russia because we have these intercontinental ballistic missiles and worrying about the earthquake taking out half of California on the San Andreas Fault. Or how we could get lost in The Bermuda Triangle.

I used to get so fearful about so many things and it would keep me from doing certain things whether it is directly or indirectly. That is definitely not a fun place to be when your choices in life are inhibited due to fear.

So why is this important? It is important because as business people, husbands, and wives, as people who are building legacies, we have to be very careful what type of fear we bring into our world and into our minds.

The fact is, there are a lot of people who live off of fear. And there are a lot of people who make a lot of money off of fear.

Be Wary of People Who Profit from Your Fearfulness

These days, it is a very good time for the Corona Extra brand now that this virus has come out. It is also a very good time from a medical and pharmaceutical sales point of view to have masks and other personal protective equipment. As a matter of fact, I even have some friends who have jumped on board of that bandwagon and have been making money right now.

Of course, there are people who profit from fear. There are governmental organizations that profit off of fear. For example, the whole “this day and age with terrorism” keeps a lot of governmental organizations alive. And that’s just the way it is.

The world would be a better place if terrorism went away as it did in the past when it was not that big of a deal. I mean, it was somewhat there but not enough to have the TSA and Homeland Security.

So, if terrorism is completely eradicated now, are you going to tell all of the TSA and Homeland Security, “Hey, your jobs are gone.”

I doubt people would want to do that in the first place. It is very rough to say, “Go find another job.”

Do Not Let Fear Kill Your Creativity

Do Not Let Fear Kill Your Creativity

The more that you are afraid, the less you create and the less you build. You want to be constantly building your legacy. 

I too have fears every day. Every single day, I have customers who come in and cancel business with me. Sometimes, I have customers who have issues with me. But, I am always mindful of how I respond to all of that because it directly affects my business. 

And so, if I was constantly afraid — which I was for a long time with my business — everything was going to come crashing down. I would not be able to keep building. I would find an excuse to go drink or play games all day. That is the point of fear. It is there to paralyze you and make you feel worthless. Fear can find so many ways to make you stop doing work.

Now, if you look back on the things that you were afraid of — SARS, swine flu, and H1N1. When you look back on the Bermuda Triangle, nuclear war, and all of that, how much of that actually touched you or affected you directly? 

Pretty much a very low percentage of people were affected by any of those events. And there has not been a nuclear bomb detonated since World War Two! So, what are you even afraid of right now?


Rather than saying, “I’m gonna stop being afraid. I’m gonna stop being afraid of this thing.” 

I want you to do something instead. Why don’t you continue building your legacy? Create something that will take you to the next level!

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126 FIFM – Done is Better than Perfect

Today on Freedom in Five Minutes, we talk about how getting things done and moving is always better than making it perfect. The fact is, 90% of the time, whatever it is that you’re making is going to work — even if it is far from perfection.

To focus on getting things perfect is paralysis by analysis. You have to move things along, get things done, and connect with your people.

In this episode, we look at ways to do tasks better and faster so you can learn what works and what doesn’t right away—rather than just sit there, wonder, hope, and be scared of submitting imperfect tasks.

Overview & Episode Content

  • How to Consistently Post Content on Social Media
  • My Works Well Despite not Being Perfect
  • Getting Things Done is Better Than Perfect
  • Just Because Something is Far from Perfect Doesn’t Mean it Won’t Work
  • Delaying to Make it Perfect is Your Paralysis

How to Consistently Post Content on Social Media

How to Consistently Post Content on Social Media

Before, I worked on my social media through manual one-on-one connections. That means I reached out to people on social media to talk or meet with them. All this to establish a strong connection.

Now, I’m able to automate that with the help of a social media calendar and management tool. It allows me to automatically schedule my posts on all social platforms. This way, I no longer have to engage with people one-by-one. Prospects come to me.

The cool thing about this tool is that it follows a system called ACES. It means Authority Post, Connection Post, Engagement Post, and Sizzle Post. The Sizzle Post refers to your sales — I believe it only comes after doing the first three a few times.

The cool thing about that is it gives me a systematic idea of what I want a particular day to be about on my social media.

Systems and automation pushed me to consistently put out content. And because I was being consistent on social media, prospects reached out to me through DMs or PMs and they asked if I was offering a training course about the stuff I was talking about on my posts.

My Course Works Well Despite not Being Perfect

My Course Works Well Despite not Being Perfect

So, I wrote back saying, “We usually get people hooked up with VSA’s but I have a training course.”

Then, I gave them a link to the training course and he went through with it. Remember, this was from doing automated content scheduling and management.

Later, he messaged me on LinkedIn and said, “Hey, your ClickFunnels affiliate badge is on by default.”

Now, ClickFunnels puts a little badge even though you subscribed saying, “Hey, this was made by ClickFunnels.”

The good thing is that it is an affiliate badge. They give you credit if someone buys. Someone purchased ClickFunnels through my badge and I get monthly revenue from it. 

However, I did not realize that the badge showed up on all of my course pages. And because most apps set affiliate badges off by default, I did not think about turning that thing off manually. 

But in this case, it was turned on by default. Now, the thing is, this training course has been up for months. Several people have gone through it.

He simply told me, “It is a little bit distracting.”

And he was right! I went through six different pages to turn the whole thing off. Then, I went through all the opt-ins that I had created—they had the affiliate badge on. I turned all those off because it was a pain in the butt.

The point of this is that the pages were up and people were going through the course. Yes, there was a little mistake that ended up as a potential distraction from the course content.

It was not perfect. But despite that, the course was still working. People signed up and finished it!

Getting Things Done is Better than Perfect

Getting Things Done is Better than Perfect

Now, here’s the thing, whether it was perfect or not, my client finished it anyway and he liked it. 

I learned an important thing from my mentor named Jermaine Griggs. And he learned it from his grandma, I believe. Done is better than perfect. 90% of the time, getting things done is better than perfect. When you complete something, it is gonna be fine. And if it is not perfect, like in this example, what happened? Nothing at all.

There was nothing that came from this other than me thanking my client. And then, we continued to connect even more. 

I will give you another example from a different client. I always tell my clients who have our VSAs that when they are doing important process videos — if it has to be perfect most of the time.

After spending five minutes creating the process video, they have to say at the end, “Hey, here’s the quality control check for what you’re doing. Every time you’re done with this task, check these things to make sure that everything is correct.”

However, rather than doing a process video, this client sent an email to his Virtual Systems Architect and outlines what needed to be done.

Just Because Something is Far from Perfect Doesn’t Mean it Won’t Work

Just Because Something is Far from Perfect Doesn’t Mean it Won’t Work

Virtual Systems Architects — who are at $9.50 per hour, at least as of this recording — will automate and systemize everything in your business.

But because there was no quality control check and it was not as clear as it could be, the VSA messed up. Email is one of the least clear ways of creating a process or a task.

The task was essentially a “Thank you” to donors for a nonprofit. So, the emails went to major companies who donated to the nonprofit event they were having. The email that went out had merge fields where it said (Your Company), (First Name), etc…

Now, the VSA did the names — that part was perfect. However, she forgot the merge field for (Your Company). She accidentally forgot about those merge fields!

So, the email went out and said, “Hey, Tim. Thank you so much for supporting this nonprofit event. We couldn’t have done it without you and the support of (Your Company).” 

And it was an obvious mistake because the merge field was red. But guess what? The recipients responded anyway and nobody pointed out the mistake in the email.

Delaying to Make it Perfect is Your Paralysis

Delaying to Make it Perfect is Your Paralysis

But before the recipients of the emails got to respond, this client wrote back to the VSA and CCs me and the Account Manager.

The client said “Hey, how can I communicate more clearly? What needs to be done here?”

And it was understandable why he was worried because the emails requested something from each recipient. But it turned out that there was nothing to be worried about! All the recipients simply gave them the requested information or asked when they needed it.

That was it. It was far from perfect but the recipients were like, “Okay, yeah, no problem. When do you need this?”

It was almost as if they didn’t even notice the mistake! And that’s the point. There are times when things do not go well. Would it have been better had it been totally perfect? Yeah, of course. But a lot of times when we do stuff, the job still gets done. Everything still gets done.

Now, I am not saying to never try and be accurate and perfect. But a lot of times, we get paralysis by analysis. And we are not able to finish things quickly enough because we have 15 people checking it before it goes out.

So, by the time it does go out it is not even fun and valuable anymore. It may not even be relevant anymore. And so, the more that we are able to take that paralysis by analysis away, the more content we can put out there. 

In effect, we can connect more and reach out to more people. We can do things faster, we can do them better, and actually learn what works and what doesn’t. Get things done, rather than just sit there, wonder, hope, and be scared — paralyzed by fear.


Remember, done is better than perfect. Always.

Do not let fear rule over your business and you end up paralyzed. Get things done and send them out! Done is always better than perfect.

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125 FIFM – They Lied to You but They Had No Idea They Were Dishonest

Sometimes, we look back at some of the untrue things that people tell us. Now, it’s not that they lied intentionally. Most probably, they must have had good intentions and trying to give good advice but had no idea they were untrue.

In this episode, I talk about my journey with people who gave me advice without meaning to be dishonest and how I realized I don’t have to do things like everyone else!

Overview & Episode Content

  • What Happens if You Tell a Kid Their Idea is Wrong?
  • Defying People Who Say You’re Wrong When You Know You’re Right
  • Planting an Idea – There’s Always a Simpler Way to Do Things
  • Get Out of Groupthink and Explore Ideas Outside the Box
  • Research Better Ideas to Build a Better Business

What Happens if You Tell a Kid Their Idea is Wrong?

What Happens if You Tell a Kid Their Idea is Wrong?

As far as I can remember, I was a very bad student. I just did not fit in well at school because I did not like it. And I do not think it was because I was a dummy — at least I hope I was not.

When I was very young, I was tested so they could put me into GATE which is for smart people I guess. I remember being in the Assistant Principal’s office at Clegg Elementary School in Huntington Beach. 

Apparently, I passed all other tests except for one puzzle. The objective was putting together a girl. I was given all the pieces, and I had to put the girl in free form on a table.

At the very end, I put the girl’s legs so that her feet were both attached. When I saw her, I put her legs with her feet facing inward. Have you ever seen in most comic books when the girls are trying to be very girly and pretty? My idea was to draw her feet inward, just like how I saw them in comic books.

Well, apparently that was wrong! At least according to him. 

So he said, “No, no, no. The feet go outward. You cannot be in GATE. You cannot be with smart people.”

And so, I started my journey of absolutely hating and loathing school – at least public school. It was the beginning of the end from that point forward.

I was nothing but trouble every year after because I was extremely bored and I just could not handle it, except for eighth grade.

Defying People Who Say You’re Wrong When You Know You’re Right

Defying People Who Say You’re Wrong When You Know You’re Right

In eighth grade, I resolved my hating and loathing of school. I was actually doing the work and learned. 

That time, I did what they wanted me to do because my poor grandma at the time was like, “I cannot handle this.”

So, I ended up getting on the honor roll in eighth grade. I did really well until I got into freshman year where I had an encounter with Mr. Wilford of Marina High School. He is probably still there.

Mr. Wilford taught electronics. I was pretty excited and wanted to keep going and get honor rolls. Electronics class sounded really interesting. I thought it was going to be great.

Then, we got his test. The test instruction was to pick the answer from a list. Each answer was assigned a letter. Logically, there was no way to pick an answer twice because each answer from the list matches with a question or problem.

So, I finished my test and almost got a perfect score. The reason I did not get a perfect score on this test was that my letter T had a little bit of a hook on it. And so, Mr. Wilford said it was wrong. 

“That’s an F that you’re trying to do right there,” he said.

I said, “No, it’s not an F that I’m trying to do — I did an F over here. It could not possibly be an F because you can only have one letter for every answer. Sometimes that’s just the way my T’s come out. It has a tiny little hook.”

Alas, he would not change his mind. I was livid! After that, I was done. The injustice of it all! If that was how it was going to be, so be it. 

From there, I was back to being a horrible student. Throughout that time, I constantly hear about my family’s disappointment.

Planting an Idea – There’s Always a Simpler Way to Do Things

Planting an Idea – There’s Always a Simpler Way to Do Things

I was disobeying my grandma at the time and I totally get why the family was upset with me. Close to my senior years, they said, “Dean, you know what? You’re gonna go to adult school.”

I’m like, “Okay, great. Now I’m a dum-dum. I’ve already been beaten down already. Might as well beat me down some more.” 

So, I got to an adult school and I see just one building. One small building with an open room and large desks everywhere.

At the moment, I thought it was an interesting place. So, I went for the orientation.

They said, “Yeah, all you do is you go and get a packet from whatever class you want to get credit for. You get the packet and you start doing the work. Feel free to spend as much time as you need, just go ahead and start to open it up.”

Also, there were teachers on the outer rim of the class and above them were signs that read which subject they handle. 

“They’ll be able to help you if you have any questions. Also, they’ll be the ones that grade your tests,” they said in the orientation.

Then, I told them, “You’re telling me that I can just go grab one of the packets? And if it takes me a week to do it, I get the semester credit?“

“Yeah. As long as it takes for you to actually do it. You get it.” they said.

And then, I was mind blown! What the heck?! Why did nobody tell me about this idea? They all said you had to go through high school. I asked if I can actually get my high school diploma doing this.

And they said yes — not GED though — but I could definitely get my high school diploma. It was crazy! I blew through my packets and I wish I knew about this adult school earlier.

Get Out of Groupthink and Explore Ideas Outside The Box

Get Out of Groupthink and Explore Ideas Outside The Box

Later on, I came to find out that the same type of thing can happen in college with CLEP Testing — College Level Examination Program Testing. So, I did the same thing in college. All I had to do was go take this two-hour test and I’ll get credit for my lower-division classes.

It was awesome and I blew through those too. Also, it was 100 bucks each. I didn’t have to pay to have to go to a semester’s worth of college and anything that I didn’t pass. That was around the time when online stuff started coming out at Coastline Community College.

Over and over again, to this day even in business, I see that same thing happening. 

People tell you their ideas, “You have to do it this way. This is the only way it must be done. Everybody has to do it this way. If you don’t do it. You’re bad.” 

And 99% of the time, these people are wrong. This is all through life. 

All throughout my experiences, most of what I have been taught is B.S. But were those people lying to me? Some might have, but most of those people did not know any better and even had good intentions.

It does not matter from who the words or the idea came from. The important thing is to take the time to do some research and you might find something better for you.

Research Better Ideas to Build a Better Business

Research Better Ideas to Build a Better Business

Now, there are a lot of things that I have done that I didn’t know any better. The idea that we are trusting and readily listening to what is essentially the status quo is terrible.

I have found out that with just a little bit of research, better ways of doing things can be found. But that does not mean that the people who tell you things are lying to you. It’s just groupthink. 

You want to have as little groupthink as possible. Get away from the groupthink! By doing that, you are thinking outside the box and you can start building businesses that automate themselves, businesses that are way different than anything else that is out there. 

This is why we have the VSAs at ProSulum.com and FreedomInFiveMinutes.com. These people can do tasks for you much faster and better. It is a cheaper way of building your business than your typical hire-an-employee.


I challenge you this week. If there is something with your kids or with your business, where you feel like, “Oh, it has to be this way.” 

Stop and take time to examine the situation for a little bit. Find out whether or not it’s true that it has to be in that certain way. 

More often than not, you’re going to find that it’s absolutely not true. And there’s a much faster, easier way of doing stuff.

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124 FIFM – You May Not Be the Bottleneck. But are You Creating More Bottlenecks in Your Business?

You have successfully removed yourself from being the bottleneck in your business by hiring a Virtual Systems Architect. Now, what if you have made other people into bottlenecks instead?

It is like fighting a hydra! Cut one head off and two more pop up! How do you fix this? Listen to today’s episode of Freedom In Five Minutes as we take a look at and learn from clients’ stories who turned other people into bottlenecks in their business and the troubles this bad habit has caused.

Overview & Episode Content

  • One Bad Habit That is a Fatal Bottleneck in Business
  • The Hard-Easy Versus Easy-Hard Things of Your Business
  • How Do You Avoid Business Bottlenecks?
  • Process Documentation Removes the Bottlenecks in Business

One Bad Habit That is a Fatal Bottleneck in Business

One Bad Habit That is a Fatal Bottleneck in Business

Today, I woke up to some very interesting emails from an absolutely amazing customer. They are a design company that creates a ton of videos and design work for several big named companies and brands.

The emails that were flying around were basically about their VSA being bedridden in the hospital.

By the way, VSA means Virtual Systems Architect. If you would love to know more about it, go to FreedomInFiveMinutes.com or ProSulum.com.

So, the VSA was just out — bedridden — but he did not want to stop working! It was actually one of my General Managers who told him, “Dude, you need to stop working or else you are not going to get better!”

Then, we reached out to the client, “Hey, we had the VSA stop working as he is still in the hospital, recovering. He needs to rest but he’ll be back either tomorrow or the next day.”

Now the client said, “Well, we don’t know who’s going to do his work.” 

So, my General Manager suggested that we assign another VSA temporarily and just work off the process documents.

But the client responded, “Well, it’s not as easy as that. There are a lot of things that he has become familiar with that require some thinking.”

This is the bad habit that most entrepreneurs do. We all love having a staff member who we can count on. But it is a very dangerous position to be in if the business is unable to run smoothly without a particular person, be it the owner or a staff member.

The Hard-Easy Versus the Easy-Hard Things of Your Business

The Hard-Easy Versus the Easy-Hard Things of Your Business

So, in the next few days, it would seem like the client would end up having to do all the work because he made his staff the bottleneck in business.

This is a habit that a lot of entrepreneurs have and it’s considered normal to not want to do the hard-easy things before they become the easy-hard things. 

What does this mean? It means that the hard-easy thing means creating very detailed process documents that anybody can follow. You can even have a process document that details what to do in the event that a staff member is out.

It could be as simple as saying, “ Hey, just letting you know that I’m going to be handling some things while this person is out. Please bear with me…”

However, we tend to not do that. Instead, we tend to allow our business to get stuck in other people’s heads. So now they become the bottleneck.

When a business owner says, “We can’t live without Kevin, or Jana, or James. We can’t live without any of these people because they know how to work with this guy or this process…” That business owner is putting himself in a dangerously vulnerable position.

How Do You Avoid Business Bottlenecks?

How Do You Avoid Business Bottlenecks?

Recently, we had another customer who did not have a process of bringing a new person totally on board. Like getting all their accounts set up. Now, they hired a new person and guess who was doing all the onboarding work? It was the owner of the business himself. 

This should not happen. Jeff Bezos would not say “Oh, we have a new client in the Amazon FBA warehouse. Okay, well, I’ll stop everything. And I’ll go train that guy up.” 

Managers can handle the entire process on behalf of the business owner.

Of course, there are some people who are terrific at taking care of things that need to be done. And having these people to help as staff members are great for business. However, you have to avoid having the business or yourself as a business owner becoming too dependent on anyone or anything.

It is understandable that this is something very hard to do for a lot of entrepreneurs at the very beginning of the business. Once the business owner gets out of that habit of feeling like they have to do everything — so they bring somebody in who knows how to do the important tasks. That’s where the problem becomes very apparent.

I want to stress that the more that you can create systems and processes into documentation — that is so detailed that anyone can do them. And by the way, yes they could do it even if it means talking with clients — you can make things so detailed that you very rarely put yourself in a situation where you’re too dependent on particular staff members to get tasks done.

Going back to the client I’m talking about, he had plans for today but all those plans went to crap because the process documents were not as detailed as they possibly could. That is because he could not quickly put someone else in that situation as a temporary staff member. He had to change all of his plans and that’s what we want to avoid.

Process Documentation Removes the Bottlenecks in Business

Process Documentation Removes the Bottlenecks in Business

When we are in business, we want to avoid bottlenecks. We want a situation where it is a no-brainer when somebody can pop in and take over — at least on a certain percentage of things — in the event that someone in the team needs to step out.

This is important because we all tend to do this bad habit. I even do this with my kids sometimes!

I would say, “Allison knows how to do this. So I’m just gonna have her be the person who does this thing.”

Well, there should be a process. Even in my house, I have process documents for the important things that need to be done. And everybody knows what to do because we all have our zones of expertise.

My challenge to you this week is to figure out where you are the bottleneck in your business. Or look at where you have inadvertently put somebody else as a bottleneck. Switch it up and make it something that allows nobody to be the bottleneck. 

There is always a better way where anyone can go in there and do the task. Anyone can make it happen if they are armed with a very good set of detailed process documents.


We tend to maintain whatever feels safe and familiar. That’s just human nature.

However, familiarity breeds contempt. And as business owners, we do not want familiarity. We want detailed processes to remove bottlenecks in business.

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123 FIFM – You Don’t Know More Than Those Who are in Your Inner Circle

Today’s episode of Freedom In Five Minutes, I’m going to talk about how listening to your inner circle of friends and family is the fastest way to grow phenomenally.

This is a humble reminder that we are not all-knowing. You will be surprised at the value friends and family can provide by allowing them to take a look at your situation from a different angle and a fresh perspective.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Sometimes It’s Good to Just Listen to What Your Inner Circle has to Say
  • Value the Advice from Your Inner Circle of Friends
  • You Need to Listen in Order to Grow
  • Listen and Learn from Your Inner Circle

Sometimes It is Good to Just Listen to What Your Inner Circle has to Say

Sometimes It is Good to Just Listen to What Your Inner Circle has to Say

I was on a call with some of my really close business friends. And this time, I just listened. I just shared my time with them and listened more than anything else.

This is interesting because there are times where I think that I have it all together. And that, to be honest, I believe I have it all worked out and everything. 

Usually, I would say, “I have the best way of doing things!” but this morning — I really just listened to my inner circle of friends more than anything.

They were just talking about some of the fun stuff like different diets, how they vacation and have fun, how they work or who they are hiring, and some of their personal troubles lately. This was a humbling reminder for me about the fact that I really do not know so much after all.

Yes, I know all this stuff in business and I’m living the four-hour work month and everything. But after listening to my friends, I realized that they do things way better than I do and that they are really good too! In fact, I felt like I really don’t even know what the heck I’m doing sometimes.

Value the Advice from Your Inner Circle of Friends

Value the Advice from Your Inner Circle of Friends

I got to thinking that maybe I should just sit and listen more. It made me realize something important. Most of us would be intimidated by people who know more than we do — especially about new things — even if they’re close friends. I get it. 

This actually happens more when you’re with inner circle friends. Even if we are given really good advice, we brush it off because of who they are.

And for me, I feel like I’m the guy that knows how to work less. I know how to outsource and develop systems.

So, when somebody gives me an idea. I tend to shrug it off because I feel like, “Well, I should be the expert and I should know better than this person. I’m the guy!”

A few days ago, one of my guys held me accountable for creating a webinar, a sales page for that webinar, and the entire copy for it as well. 

I kept on saying, “Well, I’m going to do my book. I’m going to edit my book.” 

And he said to me, “Okay, that’s great. What are you going to do this week? You did that? You said you were going to do that last week. What are you going to do this week?” 

I said, “I’m gonna finish my book.”

Then he told me, “Well, that’s what you said last week. What are you gonna do this week?” 

And I stopped and said, “You son of a monkey.” 

He totally called me out — and in a good way, because I did not finish what I said I was going to finish last week. Now, that becomes secondary. My primary goal became making sure that I actually got the webinar up and running.

I could have told him to buzz off because he works more than me or whatever. But he was right. I got more work, yes,  but I got more valuable work done than I did the previous week for sure. 

You Need to Listen in Order to Grow 

You Need to Listen in Order to Grow

As the four-hour work month guy, my initial thought was always, “This is going to be more work.”

I rebelled against the thought because I did not necessarily want to do the work. It was so easy to just sit, edit, and use that as an excuse. I could say, you know, “Screw this guy.”

A lot of people get enamored with the idea of the four-hour work month. Including myself!

When my wife and I went to our marriage counselor one of the things that he told me that really stuck and resonated with me — and it should resonate with a lot of guys — is that in order to keep the house clean, guys tend to be minimalist. We tend to just get rid of everything and make it as easy as possible.

Well, not all the guys obviously, but a good amount of guys want to just do that. And it totally makes sense because this gives us the ability to keep everything neat and clean all the time. 

There are fewer upkeep and things to put away but that’s not necessarily the best way to do things. Yes, it is an easy way of doing things, but it’s not the most beautiful way.

Now, why is this important? Especially with family members, inner circle friends, with spouses… they are able to teach you things about yourself.

These people are able to teach you about things that they know way more easily than you could. If you just listen, they could help you to grow extremely quickly.

Listen and Learn from Your Inner Circle

Listen and Learn from Your Inner Circle

You know, I must admit that I used to have a hard time listening to my spouse. I used to have a hard time when she would give me her feelings on certain deals and things that I was doing. I realize today that had I listened to her, I would not have wasted four years because I would have grown at a much faster rate.

So this week, I challenge you to listen closely. because that’s one of the biggest lessons I have learned. You have to listen intently to the people surrounding you — to your inner circle.

Do not just say, “Oh yeah. Sounds great.” and not even hearing what the person just said.

Today, if my wife has a really strong feeling about something, I would stop and listen to her. If you do the same with your close circle of friends, family, or your spouse, You are going to see phenomenal results.

If you listen to the people who love you — people who are able to be outside of the whole situation you are in can give you fresh perspectives, and insights from a different angle. And this is key to growing at a rapid rate.


You will be surprised by how knowledgeable our inner circle of friends and family are! You have to constantly remind yourself that there is always room to learn and nobody is capable of knowing everything.

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