112 FIFM – People Say They Want Change, But Do They Really Mean It?

Do you feel sometimes that you are just doing things because that’s the way it’s supposed to be? Or when you see something that’s not working, would you rather look beyond for a better way? People don’t change unless they want to. If you don’t like something, don’t expect that others are going to change just for you.

Willingness to change is far from just wanting to, try to step out of your comfort zone and see the fulfillment of starting new things.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Doing Things You Think It’s How It Supposed To Be Or Would You Break the Habit for a Change?
  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone + Conquering the Danger Space = Change
  • Willingness To Change – See New Things that Often Go Ignored

Doing Things You Think It’s How It Supposed To Be Or Would You Break the Habit for a Change?


One of my customers, they are a software service that is in a billion dollar industry and they use our virtual systems architects to help people in their industry to grow massively very quickly. It’s interesting because out of the blue, they posted on Facebook how amazing our services. So they referred like 30 people to us and these guys scheduled a time to talk. Well, out of the 30, guess how many actually took the time to schedule a call? So out of 20 of them, I used one questionnaire and 10 of them, I used another questionnaire. The first questionnaire has a lot more questions. The other one had a lot less questions and out of the 30 guess how many actually signed up to schedule a talk to see if they are a good fit?

Probably you’re thinking 15 or 20 but only four people scheduled and I even had one person literally just canceled their scheduled call. Now, am I hurt? No, partially because the form is meant to weed out a lot of people but in the decade plus of doing this. I’ve definitely realized that people say they want change but more often than not, are they willing to actually do it? Even with existing customers, sometimes it’s very difficult for them to even spend five minutes a day. They might either loose money or time because of this thing but they’re comfortable with it.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone + Conquering the Danger Space = Change

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When you look at why people do what they do, a lot of the times they say they want to change, but they get some kind of fulfillment out of the things that they’re doing that they say they actually don’t want to do. There’s something that makes them feel important. So what I do, I will start looking for different business opportunities to start. It might be some kind of affiliate marketing thing or a whole host of things. But I will go and try and start a whole new business for whatever reason. And what usually happens, wasted time. But, that wasted time is actually an indicator that you’re starting new things.

Trying to find that next sense of security rather than focusing on what is actually working and growing. It is actually hard for me to stop with the new business opportunities, but whenever I do, that’s when the change happens. That’s when I see massive growth in my business.

Willingness To Change – See New Things that Often Go Ignored

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Why is this important? You are comfortable doing things that aren’t necessarily the best for you. We all have habits of thinking that this is the way it’s supposed to be. This is what’s going to make me money and improve my love life. When we see something that’s not working, we say, we want to change that so badly. And it’s like the rubber band effect. You stretch a rubber band, whack, it goes right back to where you were sometimes even worse than where you were. So often, this is why people pay for high value coaching. It’s why people pay for stuff like this because they know that they’re not going to do it unless they feel some kind of.


What are you doing right now that’s purely out of comfort? Because that’s the way everyone does it or that’s the way we’ve always done it. I want you to just look at what you’re doing right now and know that there is a better way. That is why it’s so nice when you work with people who are outside of your industry. One of the worst things you can do is have people in your industry consult you because they’re used to the same thing too. Just see what it is so you have the information and now you can start making the decision to do something about it.

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111 FIFM – Please Stop Picking My Brain. It’s Gross!

Does it benefit me to give away all the things I have learned that I use to make my living? Have you ever been in a relationship where the other did nothing but to give and give while the other only received selfishly? Yes, it’s important to realize that any good relationship requires giving and not just taking but it’s up to you to determine what you’re willing to give away and how much of it. Know your worth, understand your value, your brain is your investment, don’t let others pick it!

Overview & Episode Content

  • Letting Others Pick My Brain While I Pick Their Noses, Does that Sound Like a Win-Win Situation? – 0:59
  • Picking on Someone’s Brain, How Much Value are You Giving Back? – 7:32

Letting Others Pick My Brain While I Pick Their Noses, Does that Sound Like a Win-Win Situation?

BrainI got this text message from a friend of mine who used to work for me. And a while, maybe a year ago, we got back in touch and he was looking for another position but with a relatively big nonprofit organization. I ended up helping him with a referral recommendation. After a couple of weeks I hadn’t heard from him. He actually ended up getting the job. Then, out of the blue, he texted me and said that he ended up getting another position with a really well known church organization as the marketing director. And because of that, he was looking for additional channels to get their music into different locations. In the text, it was basically just giving updates but at the very end, he says, I would love to pick your brain.

Immediately, I was like, I don’t know if I’m gonna respond to you. Because of a couple of things, whenever I’ve let people quote unquote, pick my brain, it never worked out in my favor. What value am I getting out of that? Not that I want to always get something back for helping other people. In my opinion, it’s like let me take all of the experience, all of the things that you’ve learned, everything. Can I just take all of the good stuff from you, so that it benefits me? Let me pick your brain and give you no value back whatsoever. The idea that it’s okay to ask if you can pick someone’s brain is so backward. Why would you ever think that that’s okay?

Picking on Someone’s Brain, How Much Value are You Giving Back?

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Why is this important? It’s important to realize that any good relationship requires giving. Not just taking. What are you giving to the situation? What’s the value you are bringing? So, what are you bringing to your relationship? Because it’s not just business. What do you bring into your marriage? What do you bring into your time, your relationship with your kids? Do you give without asking for anything? How many times are you giving gifts to your clients during the year as your way of saying thank you? They’re giving you money and you’re giving them value back. But how many times are you appreciating them and not just taking them for granted?


Stop picking people’s brains. It’s a bad habit. Right now what are you doing that is simply taking from other people? Maybe you haven’t tied in years. They have to pay their bills, right? Unless you’re doing something like home study online or something like that. They have to pay for that fixed cost. This keeps the fellowship going. What’s the percentage that you’ve donated? This week, see where you’re taking. That’s it. And then you’ll have at least the information that you need to then make a decision on what you want to do so that you’re starting to give value.

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110 FIFM – The Best Accountability In Business Is Having Good Friends

In business having good friends is far more about the good things than the bad ones.

Friends who are close enough to know your most intimate struggles can rejoice with you in the victories you win, give you a  form of motivation or improve your ability to make decisions.

At this very moment, who do you have around that’s helping you to succeed and tells you if you’re on the right path or not?

Overview & Episode Content

  • Your Business, Your Friends and You – 1:20
  • Good Friends vs Self-Criticism – 8:02

Your Business, Your Friends and You


Every Monday morning, I have a call with some really good and close friends who are also in business. Friends who are constantly pushing each other to hit the next level of our game.

So, I have these two things. One was to create a four video series on some of the things about systemizing and automating a business which I’ve been putting off for quite some time. Actually had the content made but just didn’t build a funnel for it. The reason is because I’m not good enough like, who’s gonna listen to this? Don’t know why but I always think that nobody’s gonna find this valuable. Here’s the deal, my friends don’t care but they do care if it does good but doesn’t if it goes bad.

The same thing happened with the book that I’m writing. I was talking with my buddy Devin, and the cool thing is that I told him that I was just about done writing a book. And I’m like, you know, it’s just a jumble right now. It’s just when you read this, don’t judge me. But you know, he wanted to see where it was and everything like that.

After a couple of weeks, he reached out to me and he’s like, this book is really good. And I was like, I actually thought it was gonna be not that great. There’s no way that I could write a decent book but he thought otherwise which was really, really cool. I really appreciated it and it pushed me to finish editing it and put it out there in several ways.

Good Friends vs Self-Criticism

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What’s the point of all this? There’s so many times when you discount the things that you are able to do and try to do things like everybody else. The minute that I try to be like someone else, it doesn’t work. But when I start doing things the way I want to, I say 90% of the time it goes well. The biggest critic comes from you and that’s why it’s so important to have people to bounce ideas off of. A mirror cannot look at itself without somebody holding up that mirror, right? You are the camera that’s filming everything but can’t film itself unless you have somebody else. You need people to show you who you are so that you can grow and become better.


Stop criticizing yourself. So this week, who do you have around that’s helping you to succeed? Do you have friends who you can talk to on a regular basis to tell you what works and what doesn’t? Those who’ll tell you if you’re going on the wrong path or if you’re on the right way. People that loves you and who will do that for you?

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109 FIFM – Trees Don’t Grow in a Day

I’ve mentioned on my previous podcast that we had planted a whole bunch of trees and I also have a ton of raised garden beds. I should have realized by then that trees don’t grow in a day. But that was not the case, so I have four garden beds in a garden enclosure now. I also got a Ruth Stout potato patch where you take a whole bunch of straws, you put it on the ground, and repeat the whole process. Once done, you put potatoes at the very bottom of it and with the help of the water from the rain, it should grow. 

This is the first time I started venturing out into building a homestead, started gardening and things like that. We have chickens but planting is different, right? Planting for me is a pain in the butt. It is extremely difficult because I’m so used to the microwave, not that we have a microwave.

My Food Forest

Right now, we have four raised garden beds. In one garden bed, we planted seeds of spinach, carrots, broccoli and a couple of other vegetables. The other garden beds don’t have anything on it yet except for organic matter because we are just waiting, which is my wife’s thing, to wait.

I also planted radishes, cantaloupe, oregano, parsley, thyme, different kinds of watermelons, beans, peas, and all other seeds. All in all, we planted over 50 different things in the last few months. I am trying to create a food Forest, so I had planted 12 to 14 trees in our area plus the rooster grind.

With all these plant-related activities that I did, my major frustration was the fact that I do not see quick progress at all. It is hard for me to wait and nothing happened. Yes, the spinach and carrots are growing. They started to sprout and they are a little bit bigger now. But the trees we got went dormant. I know they are doing what they’re supposed to do but I can’t stop thinking that they are doing nothing at all.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Trees Don’t Grow in a Day
  • Patience is a Virtue

Trees Don’t Grow in a Day

The stout potato patch shows some growth but even though this is the case, it is so hard for me to look at its small progress. But the thing is, trees don’t grow in a day. Often we want to see huge results right in the beginning when we’re trying to do something. Our culture is we want to get the right thing now or as quickly as possible.

There are times, especially if you’re in sales, the cycle is two months, three months, six months, seven months, or maybe even a year. And that is a long sales cycle. But often, we don’t do these things today. For our ProSulum clients, the ones who see massive success are the ones who take five minutes a day to create a video that their Virtual System Architect will create a standard operating procedure and grow. The ones who simply want to say go do these things and get a task will see poor results.

The Five-minute Video Rule

Those clients who command the VSAs to manage their social media accounts and give no directions, no clear process, no clear documentation don’t follow our system. The five minutes in our system is like planting a seed. Once the seed is planted, the documentation can be created and the VSA can go and do the process without ever coming back to you to ask how to do something.

Our system is set up for success and we want to see massive quadrupling revenue. The business owners can spend zero time doing any work on their business in like 30, 60, 90 days. But most of the time, the ones who want the tree, they want the fruit right away without doing anything or without planting those little seeds. They lose more often than not.

Patience is a Virtue

Are we willing to go with the system? Take for example a psychologist, they usually advise a visit once a week for the next three months. And we need to apply it because those who see success and see their marriage grow are the ones who follow the psychologist or psychiatrist’s advice. Those who fail are those who tried it for one week, get into a massive fight then later decide that it will not work for them.

A lot of us, especially in today’s age failed to see this. We fail to have the habit of seeding and waiting for the seeds to grow. To achieve something we need to do certain things like having a happy marriage. If you plant something and you dig it up because you think it isn’t working, you end up digging that seed that started to sprout because of impatience. The whole thing dies.

The Importance of a Standard Operating Procedure

I want a business that has a standard operating procedure that everyone can follow and replace anybody at any time. And my clients who want to buy my business get impressed because they want to just tell the VSA to do all these things and get it done. But, it doesn’t work that way. Trees do not grow in a day. We cannot dream of having a fit body with muscles like the Greek Gods next weekend. It’s not gonna work.

The big thing is spending those five minutes a day, planting those seeds, planting those standard operating procedures, planting those love notes to your wife every day and over time it will blossom. It can blossom into huge trees with amazing fruits that people can be envious about and be inspired.


Virtual System Architects are virtual assistants with superpowers to transform your business in 30, 60, 90 days into a fully automated system. You can sell it at the highest price if you wanted to. You can just enjoy the business that works without you and makes you a lot of money. If you want a Virtual System Architect, go check out PROSULUM.COM!

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105 FIFM – Communication Barriers That Hurt and Why What You Are Saying and What I’m Saying Is Very Different

How much do we understand our partners? How much do we know our kids? Do we keep constant communication with our parents? Do we keep in touch with our clients? Can communication barriers hurt? Why what you are saying and what I’m saying is very different?

These questions will help us understand the importance of communication in our lives. My wife and I are very different. Since Christmas is fast approaching, we recently had an argument that escalated into tears over a Christmas tree. Despite what happened, it taught us the importance of breaking communication barriers and how important communication is in both personal and business lives.

Overview & Episode Content

  • When can Communication Barriers Hurt – 0:53
  • Why What You Are Saying and What I’m Saying Is Very Different – 9:16

When can Communication Barriers Hurt


My family decided to go to Hillcrest tree farm to get our Christmas tree. On the way there, we stopped at an American Diner and my kids loved it. My daughter told me that she would love to celebrate her birthday there.

Afterward, we went to the tree farm and they had a lot of Christmas stuff. They had a train, a Santa, overpriced trees, and a treehouse. My kids were playing, especially the younger ones, so my wife and I were left with the task of choosing a tree. I know for a fact that my wife knows our house well. We had an 11-foot ceiling so we should get a 7 or 8-foot Christmas tree. We looked at one tree and then she asked for my opinion and I responded. Then, we moved to the next Christmas tree and we repeat the process.

Little did I know that my wife was upset. She told me that I am not giving her feedback which I disagreed because I was giving her the feedback. She was hurt and I got hurt because I felt like she was ignoring me. We ended up arguing and there were tears over a Christmas tree. And so, what ensued was a disagreement of epic proportions.

After getting the tree, we went to Target to get some food for our church visit that evening. While she was buying some stuff, I went out to buy Starbucks for her and me because I was feeling bad about it. When she came back, she also had a Starbucks for me and her because she was also feeling bad about it. Then, we apologized to each other.

We then realized afterwards that, we were saying the same thing but it was received negatively. She wanted my opinion but she thought that despite giving her my opinion, it is not helping her because I told her that she knows the house well more than me. I, on the other hand, thought that she was shutting off my opinion because she already has thoughts on her mind. So, there was some kind of barrier between us because we did not communicate well.

Why What You Are Saying and What I’m Saying Is Very Different


In business, you can be saying something positive or edifying to your customer or your coworker but they didn’t receive it positively or the way it is translated can be different. So, even if your intention to your clients is to make them extremely happy, it can be received as an abrasive response. Thus, you can make your customers sad, angry and eventually lose them.

Dealing with customers is hard without proper communication. I have a client who complains to me because I send too many sweets in the mail. But a different client loves receiving sweets in the mail. One simple gesture but received differently by my two different clients. Your customer can either feel loved or not depending on how you communicate, translate or transpose your message to them.

Proper and constant communication with your client will help you determine and give tons of value to your business relationship. If you do not know how to properly connect to them, you run the risk of destroying the entire relationship even if you are giving them what you believe to be nice things.


Right now, how well do you know your customers? What do you know about the people whom you serve? How well do you know your clients? How much data do you have on them in your CRM? Do you know their spouse’s name? Do you know their birthdays? Who are your top 20 clients? Do you have their mobile phone numbers? These are just some of the things that will help you scale the attention that you otherwise couldn’t scale.

Challenge yourself to see how much data you have and why you need to gather more, so you can differentiate yourself from everyone else.

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108 FIFM – Don’t Stick Your Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong and You Won’t Get Sprayed by a Skunk

Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong and you won’t get sprayed by a skunk. Unfortunately, for our Luna, that habit is hard to break. My daughter noticed that our dog, Luna, kept on going to this rock near our house. We are surrounded by huge granite rocks and they make huge rock formations. A lot of times you’re going to find little creatures hiding in those rocks.

So, Luna couldn’t leave a certain rock where she kept on whimpering and barking. She won’t listen to me and won’t come back into the house. I was thinking there was a creature there that Luna was looking to devour or play with.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Luna Got Sprayed by a Skunk – 1:56
  • Don’t Stick Your Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong – 4:30

Luna Got Sprayed by a Skunk

We decided to head on over to the rock formations and Luna looked at me with an expression that was asking me to be in a hurry. So, we climbed around these huge rock formations then we started going downhill. There was one rock formation that looked like the rock where Simba was held by the monkey when he was born and was deemed The Lion King.

This particular rock was jutting out and I was looking underneath this rock. Then, Luna joined me and went ahead of me underneath the rock. I saw right away a black and white tail and Luna was whimpering at the same time. I should have grabbed her beforehand but she went up closer instead, then she put her paws at the tail that was sticking out. The thing moved and Luna shot out of that little hole smelling like a skunk.

Unfortunately, she got sprayed by a skunk thus, she had to stay outside most of the day. That was not the first time she had been sprayed. She always sticks her nose to places where it doesn’t belong that is why she always gets sprayed by a skunk.

Don’t Stick Your Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/07/10/23/38/fuca-2491995_960_720.jpgLuna’s experience with the skunk is important in business because, often we stick our noses in places where we should not be sticking it thus, we get sprayed as well. Whether it will be talking smack on someone or doing something business-wise. For example, in my business, my team loves the fact that they have not just autonomy but they have decision-making skills as well.

We have a code in our business that everyone is a manager. Everyone can make their own decisions and can do just about everything. Since I don’t run the day-to-day operations, every time I try to stick my nose in the business that my staff is doing, I get sprayed by them or by the client. They will let me know right away that they got a handle and that I am mistaken. Because of this, I am always reminded to focus on being the business owner instead. That I should focus more on business development, strategic operations and on other things that only I, can do.

The more I stick my nose into other people’s business, including those people who work for me, I am only doing some damage to them, to my business and myself. So, it is important to have the courage to stick with what you know.


We should get rid of this habit and have the courage not to do it anymore. Instead, we need to trust people that we love, the people who work for us and the people who care for us. The more we do that, the more we are going to see that they are going to thrive on the things that we worry about.


If you want a Virtual System Architect, someone whom you can show how to do something in five minutes and have them completely transform your business and works for you for less than what you would pay for someone here in the States, that is minimum wage depending on where you’re at? Go check prosulum.com!

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107 FIFM – It’s Okay to Work With Only Those You Want to Work With

Well, 2020 has been a good year for me so far, the business has boomed which I’m very happy about. I’m happy because I was given the chance to work with those I want to work with.

There are hard times though and things aren’t going so well. Way back in September, I had this client, a very nice client whom my business partner introduced to me, and whom I had a hard time dealing with because of how things turned out.

What is VSA?

With Virtual System Architects, you can take five minutes out of your day and spend it in creating a video. Your dedicated virtual system architect will document the whole video you made and then go do it.

This particular client works in the industry where the clients that he is bringing have to create documented systems and create documented processes. Often, these guys are spending weeks, months, sometimes even years creating these documents but then they become outdated and they have to do it all over again. However, that can be avoided and can be spent instead on much more important stuff.

How Does the Franchise Industry Work?

The franchise has its system that they follow. If you don’t follow it, you will potentially break not only the brand of the franchise but you can also break your stores and profitability. The reason you buy a franchise in the first place is that it is a proven system. If you are going to oppose the system, problems will arise and it will ruin the whole franchise.

Sure, there are times that a franchise can skyrocket in business if you use a different method or different marketing material but, what do you think will the franchise owner do? Of course, he is going to oppose it. If the franchisee still keeps on asking questions or keeps on doing things against the system, the franchise will flip out. So, this client of mine that was introduced way back in September is like the franchisee.

Overview & Episode Content

  • When Can You Say You Want to Work With a Client – 2:15
  • It is Okay to Work With Only Those You Love to Work With – 14:30

When Can You Say You Want to Work With a Client

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/09/09/00/40/when-2730755_960_720.pngWay back in September, we sent a draft agreement to this client. We showed him how long it takes to get a virtual systems architect and also talked about other stuff. But now and then, they had some kind of worry that had already been addressed. Eventually, they ended up going dark for a while and came back around December.

Came in December, they got back in touch with us and they said that they were ready to go. So, I sent them the exact draft agreement I sent before. However, they were asking why it takes two to four weeks to get a Virtual System Architect and told me that I should have been more upfront about it. I was taken aback because it was still the same draft agreement and we already told him about it. Anyways, we went ahead and he got his VSA.

Once a client has a VSA, they have to agree and follow our system. We send a welcome email to our clients which states the things that he is agreeing to. He can choose to move forward or not then, we can cancel and issue a refund. I do not mind issuing a refund because I do not want to work with someone who’s not going to follow the system, I do not want to tarnish my brand.

So, he agreed to the fact that we do not like one on one training. Everything is based on five minutes or ten minutes of videos. It is much more efficient this way. Training, on the other hand, is ineffective, and no one remembers it anyway.

After signing the agreement…

One of my guys did a little check on how everything was going with him and the VSA. At first, he said that everything went well and then he mentioned having a pre onboarding first so he didn’t waste his time training the VSA. I might have read it wrong and 100% mistaken but I’m so protective of what I’ve built. We have such a large queue of people who are waiting for their VSA, thus, I want to work with those people who understand our system.

During the first week, the VSA should already be doing some real work without having to go back and forth. But, he started asking more questions about our VSA like: What did they do before working for ProSulum? What is their skill set? What are their specialties? Those questions caught me off guard because we already sent him a detailed BIOS of the assigned VSA.

At that moment, I realized he didn’t get our system. We do not care about the specialties of whom we hire because we hire blank slates who literally can clone the clients. And that is a big part of our onboarding process, a big part of our philosophy, and a big part of all of that. So, I wrote back, answered all his questions and opened for a call as a refresher. I sent the email nicely and I also asked my team to check on him the following week. If the system was not being followed, I am going to cancel and refund him.

It is Okay to Work With Only Those You Love to Work With


After I sent the email about the scheduled call, he replied that those were harmless questions and there was no need to cancel and refund him. Those were indeed only questions but those questions showed that something was not being understood. They were telling questions and upon hearing it, I didn’t think that we were a good fit. But, I decided to give it a shot and told him that “No hard feelings, but you know iron sharpens iron so if it is not a good fit, it is not a good fit, we might have to part ways”.

There is a right reason for business. You work not just for a boss who constantly annoys you, you wanted to use your skillset and never put yourself in a situation where your efforts are not appreciated. Even if they understand the system but if there was no mutual respect and appreciation, it’s better to just cut it. It causes stress like when I was writing that email, it took me half an hour and my time is extremely valuable.

The same goes for relationships. Don’t be in a relationship with someone who constantly does not give value and doesn’t want to understand you. That is a recipe for a disaster. Think about some of the things whether it is with a client or a relationship where you feel that you were misunderstood and do something about it. Don’t work with people that you don’t want to work with.

What can you see at ProSulum.com?

If you want to create a course or join a video series course, you can visit prosulum.com. I shared all my secrets there when it comes to systems and also virtual systems architects.

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106 FIFM – Lack of Flexibility Brings a Lot of Pain Over Time

The lack of flexibility brings a lot of pain. Not just in business but even physically. I’ve experienced it first hand. Being flexible means being open to changes or ideas which is most of the time good for us.

If we are going to stay in one place, we are not going to achieve our goals or be successful in business. Just like the bamboo grass, what keeps them alive is its flexibility. It sways during storms thus it does not break easily.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Lack of Flexibility Brings Pain – 1:11
  • Business needs Flexibility – 10:38

Lack of Flexibility Brings Pain


If you’ve been listening to my podcast for a while now, you know that one of the things that I’ve been practicing now is Jujitsu. I can’t get enough of it because it is such an amazing grace for me. It is a fun and amazing sport that I love. It is one of the only real things that I do for exercise. However, over the past few weeks, I have not been able to do it and it is tough for me.

In the last five or six years, I would get these bad lower back pains. So, I was doing around 220 pounds squats. I was working out at Anytime Fitness in Southern California. During that time, I felt great and so I wanted to max out. I started adding weight and I got up to like 260 or 280. I’ve never been super great at weightlifting and it was pretty damn good. So, I did like two to three squats and at the very last one, I tried to get up to my max and I felt a pop in my back. 

The next day, I felt like I was going to pass out. Every time I stood up, I felt like my back was just being crushed. Even if I lay flat on my back or just sitting up, it still hurt. I went to the chiropractor and he told me that I am the most inflexible guy that he ever meets. I was doing some exercises and hamstring stretches and it was working. I didn’t feel the pain anymore.

I was healed…

I started running afterward and it was my primary source of exercise so I could move my hips a little bit more. I was running long distances and doing stretches and things were doing great until a few years later, my back started to hurt again. Earlier this year, I went to a massage therapist which is also a kinesiologist. She said the same thing that I had no flexibility at all. Which is somehow true because I stopped doing my stretches beforehand.

My therapist told me that my hips were getting out of place because of my inflexibility. So, she started helping me and doing mini stretches. From feeling like I was gonna pass out, I felt normal again. I also started doing Jujitsu which made me flexible. But after a few months, I stopped doing my stretches, I stopped being flexible, and my body was rigid.

My body pain came back…

Two weeks ago, I was down on my floor, not able to move anytime I got up. I felt like my back was being crushed, I missed on a whole bunch of stuff. It was horrendous again, so I went back to my massage therapist and she helped do the stretches again. I used an app called Range of Motion Workout of the Day and I love it. It costs me $14 a month and I love it because it’s just daily routines for getting more flexible.

So, what’s causing all this pain? Was it some major catastrophe where I broke my spinal column? Because I have a slipped disc? Because I have some kind of rare disease? No, it was because I was inflexible. My hamstrings are tighter than a tightrope. It behooves me to be as flexible as possible because my body is telling me “Hey! If you do not treat me well. If you do not bend me around and make sure that I am a little bit more limber, I will make you aware of how wrong things are in your body to the point where I will make you lay down on the ground for a day or two and be in a tremendous amount of pain.

All of my pain and suffering came from the simple fact that I did not spend time becoming more flexible.

Business Needs Flexibility


Very often, we in business, in life, with your family, with your spirituality, with everything, we become so inflexible. And this causes a lot of unnecessary pain. There are things that we have to hold fast to. For example, as a Christian, you need to hold fast to certain beliefs. If you have a family, you need to hold fast to certain things like treating your family well. Those are hard fast rules.

However, we often do not listen to our kids, our wife, our husband, our spiritual director, business partners or customers. We are very inflexible. In fact, in my business with virtual systems architects, I get to deal with a lot of industries that are very inflexible because that’s the way it’s always been done in our industry. But Matt from Camrock is different. He’s so flexible and not so rigid. He does not stay with the way of the industry. He’s been able to thrive in his business.

This is where even with your body and with your health, your flexibility matters. You must be flexible in what you do. Being flexible does not mean that you need to do all the ideas that come into your mind, it means that you can take it into account, think about it and then implement it. The more flexible you are the more success you are going to see. The more success you’re going to see, the more happiness you are going to have. The more happiness you are going to have, the healthier you can become.


If your body is limber, you can hold your grandkids, you can sit with them, stand with them and do all these different things. Or you can choose to be inflexible and sit in a wheelchair or not be able to bend over. Those are the realities with your body, with your spirituality, your family and your business. 

So what’s one thing this week that you can do to be more flexible? One thing that you can do to get out of the rigidness, or the coldness that comes with being inflexible? Lack of flexibility brings a lot of pain over time.

If you want to systemize your business and automate your business in as little as five minutes a day, by using a virtual systems architect, someone overseas who is at a fraction of the cost of somebody, somebody here in the States, somebody overseas that can transform your business in five minutes. Go check out freedominfiveminutes.com. We have a lot of cool stuff over there like Business Process Scorecard and we have a Master Class.

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104 FIFM – Automating Lead Generation Can Still Be Personal

Every customer wants to be valued and delivering a more personal connection makes a huge difference. 

In this episode, learn how to automate cold emails in mass that can build rapport, foster relationship and open up business opportunities. Thus, the more that you can give value, the more that you will win.

So, if you want your sales and lead generation to become more powerful, this podcast is for you.

Overview & Episode Content

  • What do Customers Care About the Most? – 1:35
  • Using Cold Emails in a Personal Way – 3:22
  • Personal Connection – Why is it So Important? – 6:10

What do Customers Care About the Most?

Personal Connection

What do customers care about the most when buying a service from you? They want you to know your stuff, the market, they want value, right? But what if you know your market? What if you are able to deliver value but you are a jerk? Are they going to wanna work with you? More likely they will not because they don’t like you. So buyers like working with people who they like, who they feel that care about them. And so, the more that you can give that feeling when you’re reaching out in lead generation, the more that you can convey that you truly care about the person that you’re working with, plus, you’re able to give them what they want, all the value and everything like that, the more powerful your sales and lead generation will become.

Using Cold Emails in a Personal Way

Email, Newsletter, Marketing, Online

Ever wondered that cold emails can still be personal? It doesn’t mean that you have to write a personal email, but you can develop systems where your team can reach out to people in a systematic way. Import a spreadsheet full of customized information into like Close™ CRM or Mailshake or Yesware and send out cold emails that are personal. And people will reply to those emails, to the point where they want to have a meetup. Normally, people would just shoot thousands of emails that are completely unpersonalized and be marked as spam or end up going into the junk folder. But, you can send these powerful emails and on average, we’re getting about 50% open rates on our emails which is unheard of even for warm emails.

Personal Connection – Why is it So Important?


No matter what you’re doing in any setup that you have when it has to do with business, people want to feel valued. The more that you can give value ahead of time, the more you will win. And so, just because you systemize something that works with or without you or something that works automatically does not mean you need to sacrifice that custom, that personal attention. One of my mentors, Jermaine Griggs, calls this as scaling personal attention. It does not mean that you need to sacrifice that. You can set up systems that truly meet people where they’re at and give a ton of value on a mass scale. And the more that you can do that, the more you are going to make sales.


So, what’s that one thing? How is your lead generation working right now? How are you reaching out to customers? Is it in mass or you’re just sending spammy LinkedIn messages? Or is it truly customized to people? That’s what we want to see, right? That’s what I challenge you to do this week, is to make something truly customized. Something that reaches out to people in a systematic format.

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ProSulum’s Website: https://prosulum.com/

Freedom in Five Minutes’ Website: https://www.freedominfiveminutes.com/

Jermaine Griggs: https://automationclinic.com/how-to-scale-personal-attention/

Close™ CRM: https://close.com/

Mailshake: https://mailshake.com/

Yesware: https://www.yesware.com/

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102 FIFM – How to Partner With Amazing People

Finding a partner that is reliable and trustworthy is very hard these days. Before, I used to do all the things necessary for my business. However, as time progresses, I saw how important it is to partner with amazing people.

Overview & Episode Content

  • Why is it important to find amazing people
  • Why partnering with amazing people is important in business

Why is it Important To Find Amazing People


When I started my business, I used to do all the necessary stuff. I was spending a lot of time with work, in fact, I worked at a maximum of 70 hours a week. Then, I realized that I wasn’t very good at certain things. After a while, when I started to do things online, I was able to scale things. I ended up partnering with somebody who needed what I had and he had what I need.

He was selling on Amazon. He wanted to sell stuff online and he wanted to teach different courses on how to sell on Amazon. The only problem is that he didn’t have a website and he didn’t know how to build one. I, on the other end, know how to use WordPress and ClickFunnels. So, we jived and we started making lots of money.

I started to work less and made lots of money. I can even leave my work at that time. He had skills that I just don’t feel like doing on my end. It was amazing because it made it super easy on my end. I had time to enjoy more what I love which is building out the operations and other stuff. So, we had it going at that time and another partnership spawned.

Why Partnering With Amazing People is Important in Business


The second partnership that I had is based around a piece of software. The software was like a month to month type. It has a bunch of features but it was not optimal. So, we decided to do an annual type and we did six figures off of one launch over a weekend.

If you are doing something on your own, you can bring in if you want a quick way. But, that is not always the case. Sometimes, you don’t always do things or you don’t want to give away your business. However, you can do a sales type of thing or a commission type of thing. But for me, I brought in a partner and agreed that if we do things together, I can give him a certain percentage of commission.

Mr. Paul Tran is an amazing friend and a client of mine. Our partnership was so great that we were getting lots and lots of customers. With our Virtual System Architects in Freedom in Five Minutes and ProSulum.com, we were able to help businesses transform. We can systemize your business and outsource everything in five minutes or less than 30 days.


Right now, if you are a one-man show, I would highly consider partnering with somebody in a win-win situation. And together, you can start developing stuff. You will have somebody who can pick up the slack where you suck and transform your business almost overnight.

If you want to transform your business in literally 30 days or less, or in five minutes a day, go to freedominfiveminutes.com or prosulum.com. Check that out and get in touch with me. We can talk on the phone and we will see if you’re a good fit, and help you to get your business automated, scaled and growing. All it takes is five minutes a day.

Resources and Links from the Podcast:

ProSulum’s Website: https://prosulum.com/

Freedom in Five Minutes’ Website: https://www.freedominfiveminutes.com/

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