141 FIFM – Making Your Business as Easy as Possible to Operate

In this episode of Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast, Dean delves deep into his process of building his network of Virtual Systems Architects and how he is able to scale his business— the easy way — by just using three key principles.

Listen to this episode and find out what Dean’s three key principles are and you might just propel your business to the next level and beyond!

140 FIFM – Take the Time to Take in Some Beauty

In this episode of Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast, Dean talks about a beautiful experience he had with his family that inspired him to finally take the time and appreciate the beauty and blessings that already surrounds him.

What could this experience be that served as a powerful reminder for Dean? Listen to this episode and find out!

139 FIFM – Sometimes You Have to Go with the Flow

The water can come crashing on the shore in big waves and small — you never really know what’s coming. When the waves come crashing in, all you can do is hope that you can surf over them and not drown in their monstrosity.

If waves crash on you right now, do you think you can survive? But the more important question might be, have you already figured your waves are?

Today, Dean shares what a wave is, how do you apply it in life, and how important it is to ride with it.

138 FIFM – Don’t Be Afraid of Your Special Skill

You have special skills that are unique to you. But despite that, you are not fully utilizing and embracing them. These gifts are a part of you that have gotten you farther in life. It is time to embrace your gifts!

In this episode of Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast, Dean encourages you to see that you are given unique gifts for a reason. Have the courage to step out, help people with your God-given gifts, and discover for yourselves why you have such talents.

137 FIFM – Enjoying Your Quarantine Now and Forever

In this episode, Dean talks about the importance of being adaptable in business during this lockdown and quarantine period. The global COVID-19 pandemic is tough for a lot of people. But now more than ever is the time to be resilient.

Listen to Dean as he talks about innovative ideas and stories from his circle of entrepreneurs that might just inspire you to grow your business despite this global crisis.

136 FIFM – Don’t Let a Virus Stop You from Doing What You Intended to Do

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”

In today’s episode of Freedom In Five Minutes Podcast, Dean talks about the importance of giving without expecting anything in return during this global coronavirus pandemic. The ultimate secret to happiness is found in helping others.

135 FIFM – Maximizing the Cost-Effectiveness and Impact of Your Non-Profit with Patrick Reis

Today’s guest on Freedom In Five Minutes is a very good friend of Dean — Patrick Reis, the Executive Director of Encounter Ministries.

Listen to the full episode and learn how Patrick is able to thrive and grow his non-profit organization in the midst of the global coronavirus crisis. That and more, coming up.

134 FIFM – Becoming a Fast and Furious CFO with Jarrod Souza

In this episode of Freedom In Five Minutes, Dean chats with Jarrod Souza, CFO at Michael Hyatt & Company, about making a huge impact on small businesses from the corporate world, and the importance of having a positive, healthy, thriving work culture, and braving through the changes in your career and personal life.

133 FIFM – Leadership in Times of World Crisis with Eric Olsen

Today in Freedom In Five Minutes, Dean chats with special guest, Eric Olsen. In this special interview, Eric talks about his leadership experience as a freelance consultant in both civilian and military backgrounds.

If you want to take your leadership skills to the next level, then join us and listen to the whole episode!

132 FIFM – Giving So Much Without Expecting Anything in Return

The concept of giving is more of an attitude of generosity. Always be generous with people that you come in contact with and add so much value that the people who receive your kindness feel compelled to be your cheerleaders and ambassadors.

In this episode, Dean chats with friend and business partner, Paul Tran, about giving people the potential to be your raving fans and make them want to help you.