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Dean and Marisa's Story
Married over a decade ago we spend our days living, learning and loving with our family of 9.  We are city folk who moved to the country and enjoy a life of independence and fun after years of struggle.

Dean is an entrepreneur/consultant and owner of Pro Sulum where he helps business owners systemize, automate, and grow the profitability of their business.  His X-Factor is seeing quick opportunities to expand profits and then put overseas staff specialized in systems and processes in place to automate it all. He leads our kingdom and its expansion over all domains of our lives.

Marisa is the heart and soul of the family.  An entrepreneur at heart, she runs the education, day-to-day operations, and the destinies of our entire family.  When she is not expanding the character and future of our family she is pushing us to enjoy the wild outdoors.  She is the queen of our family, and next to God, is the reason for our joy.
-Dean & Marisa Soto