122 FIFM – Increasing Your Value to Customers Through Gifting

This gift-giving concept is in place for a very good reason. It is there as a means to show and give value to your people even if they are non customers. This is actually a very effective — yet subtle strategy.

You are building great connections with people. What happens over time is you have put some kind of positive thing out there and that positivity is bound to come back to you eventually.

The biggest thing is to give. And be giving in a strategic manner.

121 FIFM – How Multiplayer Online Video Games Teach You to be Massive Consumers

Gaming developers would want you to experience the game. They want you to dedicate your time to consume their product. And ultimately, they want you to play their game fairly. That is why bots are frowned upon among video game consumers. But I use bots all the time to run dungeons and max out my […]

119 FIFM – Systemizing Global Manufacturing the Easy Way with George Chen

Although the product is an important factor, at the end of the day, it is customer experience that determines the success of your business. And one of the best things that can lead to great customer experience is through systemizing processes.

In today’s episode of Freedom in Five Minutes, guest George Chen, founder of UBestPacks.com talks with Dean about the importance of offloading tasks, leveraging your VSAs, and the influence of customer service over the success of your business.

115 FIFM – If You Leave Poison Oak Next to You, Eventually You’re Going to Get Burned

There are things that we put off doing. What’s the harm anyway? It can be done later, right? Wrong. Putting off things that you know you have to do are like poison oak ticking time bombs! And I learned this the hard way. The more that you procrastinate and unwilling to do what needs to […]

118 FIFM – Just Because You Like It Doesn’t Mean They Like It

A lot of times, we find ourselves wanting more customers. Naturally, we want people to like us. Of course, we want more people to join our tribe who will allow us to grow our business, so to speak.

One valuable lesson we’ve seen over years, running a service business is that having less customers is best. And these customers are people who absolutely love what we do. It is a game changer and we find that we have more fun together, see massive results, and grow in ways we would not have been able to grow before.

114 FIFM – Specialists in Your Business, and in Any Business, are Stupid

You are probably thinking I’m the biggest jerk after reading the title above. The truth is, you do not have to specialize and hire specialists for your business. In today’s episode of Freedom in Five Minutes, I talk about the power of being a generalist as an entrepreneur. Join me as I recount my struggle […]

117 FIFM – Disrupting The Oil Industry w/ Matt Laird

Just the ability of getting into the oil industry is so expensive and time consuming. There’s not really a big welcome party for new distributors in the market. In addition to that, large companies will easily devour and take over small businesses through acquisitions and mergers. In this episode, Matt Laird, president and co-founder of […]

112 FIFM – People Say They Want Change, But Do They Really Mean It?

Do you feel sometimes that you are just doing things because that’s the way it’s supposed to be? Or when you see something that’s not working, would you rather look beyond for a better way? People don’t change unless they want to. If you don’t like something, don’t expect that others are going to change […]