105 FIFM – Communication Barriers That Hurt and Why What You Are Saying and What I’m Saying Is Very Different

How much do we understand our partners? How much do we know our kids? Do we keep constant communication with our parents? Do we keep in touch with our clients? Can communication barriers hurt? Why what you are saying and what I’m saying is very different? These questions will help us understand the importance of […]

108 FIFM – Don’t Stick Your Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong and You Won’t Get Sprayed by a Skunk

Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong and you won’t get sprayed by a skunk. Unfortunately, for our Luna, that habit is hard to break. My daughter noticed that our dog, Luna, kept on going to this rock near our house. We are surrounded by huge granite rocks and they make huge rock formations. […]

107 FIFM – It’s Okay to Work With Only Those You Want to Work With

Well, 2020 has been a good year for me so far, the business has boomed which I’m very happy about. I’m happy because I was given the chance to work with those I want to work with. There are hard times though and things aren’t going so well. Way back in September, I had this […]

106 FIFM – Lack of Flexibility Brings a Lot of Pain Over Time

The lack of flexibility brings a lot of pain. Not just in business but even physically. I’ve experienced it first hand. Being flexible means being open to changes or ideas which is most of the time good for us. If we are going to stay in one place, we are not going to achieve our […]

104 FIFM – Automating Lead Generation Can Still Be Personal

Every customer wants to be valued and delivering a more personal connection makes a huge difference.  In this episode, learn how to automate cold emails in mass that can build rapport, foster relationship and open up business opportunities. Thus, the more that you can give value, the more that you will win. So, if you […]

102 FIFM – How to Partner With Amazing People

Finding a partner that is reliable and trustworthy is very hard these days. Before, I used to do all the things necessary for my business. However, as time progresses, I saw how important it is to partner with amazing people. Overview & Episode Content Why is it important to find amazing people Why partnering with […]

103 FIFM – How Systems Help You Empower Others and Fix Problems Faster

Systems drive you to create through a certain process. Thus, allowing for improved and consistent performance. Let me share with you how having a system helped me paved the way through obstacles faster and empowered others for a more desirable outcome. No matter how small or big your everyday work will be, this podcast is […]

098 FIFM – There’s No Such Thing as Success and Failure, Only Signals

Signals can be positive or negative and in this episode of Freedom in Five Minutes, you’ll learn how to interpret those signals. Whether you are making every effort in getting more leads or are just curious about how these so-called signals can impact your business, this podcast is for you. Overview & Episode Content What […]

100 FIFM – Getting Better Results by Doing Things Differently than Everyone Else

In our family, I’ve been the driver that leads us to an entrepreneur life, into homeschooling journey, and into having many kids. But my wife has been the driver for a change in our eating habits. For a long time, I was very resistant because I love my taco bell. But I was happy we […]